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The Results Are in! Are You Sad Chord Overstreet Won’t Be a Season Regular on Glee?

With all the news swirling around Chord Overstreet’s (Sam) nebulous status in Glee’s third season, we asked the all-important question yesterday: Are you disappointed about it?

Let’s just say we weren’t terribly surprised by the results. A whopping 73% of Wetpaint Entertainment’s readers are devastated over the news — but a surprising 14% of you said “meh.” A fair number of you (9%) are happy to shift the focus back to the original gang, and 4% had your own opinions, some of which we’ve included below.

"The show needs to focus back on the old characters-BUT CAN'T THEY DO THAT WITH S"
"he is still going to be reaccuring"
"Um Yes I think that he should come back and get together with Quinn"
"Sad! This "new generation" character was growing on me."
"Totally annoyed. I really liked his character. :("
"It's sad. I thought the homeless feature of his story was good."
"i think it's quite stupid of the creators"

But there’s good news: If Chord wants to come back to the show, he’s welcome! We’ve got our fingers crossed....

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07.8.2011 / 01:19 AM EDT by Heidi Suke
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