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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison Believed Brad and Emily Would Work, But Doubtful About Reconciliation

Chris Harrison’s awkward and uncomfortable interview with Bachelor winner Emily Maynard will air tonight at the end of Ashley Hebert ’s seventh episode of The Bachelorette. Yay?

The Rosemaster promoted the sit-down by talking to Good Morning America very early Monday morning, saying that although Brad Womack did not appear with Em, she did so with “Brad’s blessing.”

In a recent interview with People, Chris said he had "believed Brad and Emily would work." But during his GMA appearance, he was less hopeful about a reconciliation between these two people he’s come to consider as his friends.

"I would never say never in this situation,” said Chris. “[The breakup] seems pretty definitive and that's one of the main reasons they waited — and she waited — to give an interview. Because they were on and off again for quite some time. And I know fans and media were clamoring for an answer and she wanted to give it, but not until they were sure. I think she really feels that it is now over and that's what she says tonight."

He also faced a hard-hitting question regarding the Bachelor franchise’s “low batting average” when it comes to how many couples actually make it after the show, stating simply that “life happens” when the cameras stop rolling.

For some reason, Brad and Em’s split has affected fans more than the usual. Maybe that’s because, much like Chris, we really hoped they’d work, too! Guess we’ll find out more tonight — but until then, get caught up on the Season 15 couple’s rise and fall here.

Sources: People, ABC

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