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Secret Life of the American Teenager

7 Biggest WTF Moments From Secret Life Season 4, Episode 5: ”Hole In The Wall”

Do you love Secret Life of the American Teenager unconditionally? So do we! But sometimes we scratch out heads and go: “What the whaaaa?” If you ended this episode filled with Secret Life joy, but also some mild confusion about certain teens and their sexy antics, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up the biggest WTF moments from “Hole In The Wall!”

1. Ricky wants to get rid of baby John’s toys? We know Ricky likes to keep a clean house (those lacy drapes aren’t going to dust themselves), but now he wants to get rid of his kid’s toys? Clearly Baby John is already gearing himself up for another resentful ear infection — we all saw the way he was forlornly playing with his stuffed squirrel. If Ricky takes that thing from him, it’ll be like Ben and Mr. Bear all over again.

2. Is fast-walking totally terrifying? Who knew going on a walk good be so dang scary? We’ve seriously never seen Adrian this angry, and apparently that was her feeling “inspired” face. Great, now whenever we hear “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele, images of pink juicy jumpsuits and battered walls will come to mind.

3. Uhhh, Adrian punched, like, 12 holes in her wall? We get it. Adrian’s pissed. Punching one hole in the wall is acceptable, but anything over five is bat-crazy. Someone needs to invest in boxing gloves for this girl ... or some therapy.

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4. Grace is totally fine with Daniel telling her she’s a slut? Daniel and Grace were getting lovey-dovey on her bed, when he suddenly pulled back and was all, “Ummm, you’re kinda fickle, and I don’t really trust that you’re on birth control, and I’m pretty sure you want to pop out about a thousand babies with me.” You’d think Grace would be like, GTFO, but instead she smiled sweetly and dropped the L-word. What’s wrong with this picture?

5. Is The Wall Street Journal all about sausage? Nora claims that she spent her first morning as Leo’s secretary highlighting all the meat-related parts in The Wall Street Journal. We stay clear of most publications that don’t have Kim Kardashian on the cover, but if the WSJ is all about sausage, maybe we’ll re-evaluate our reading list.

6. How did Ben score himself a six-pack? Ben had a rough day. First, his school counselor depressed him by recounting her tragic personal history, then his favorite bear was thrown away, then he broke off his marriage, and then tried he to get back with his ex girlfriend and ended up drunk on a park bench talking to a stuffed animal. Yet, somewhere in the midst of all that dramz, Ben managed to score himself some alcohol. Was this boy not carded, or do the liquor stores in SoCal recognize the perks that come with being sausage royalty?

7. Anne tried to light Mimsy’s house on fire? We know Mimsy has unfortunately been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but we didn’t hear George denying that Anne tried to light her house on fire. Someone please explain what is happening before we just assume Anne is a pyromaniac.

07.12.2011 / 11:12 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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