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The Vampire Diaries

Spoilers! Casting Details on Rebecca, a Vampire From Stefan’s Ripper Days

Move over, Katherine. There’s a new seductress in town.

According to a message board post revealed via SpoilerTV, a “wild, spoiled, and beautiful” vampiress named Rebecca/Becky “from Stefan’s ripper past” is being cast for Season 3, Episode 3. Apparently this centuries-old vixen is pretty smitten with the younger Salvatore and more than ready to join him on the dark side. Uh oh!

The fan post also spills some details on Rebecca’s first scenes, one of which reportedly takes place in 1920’s Chicago. While she’s sitting at a bar, listening to some live jazz (what else do you do in 1920’s Chicago?), a few men start “heckling” the singer. But what they don’t know is Rebecca isn’t just some hot little lady gettin’ her drink on; she’s also a dangerous, bloodsucking monster. So, when one of the men tries to grab her, Becky brings that sucker to his knees. (And we sincerely hope this leads to a kickass fight. We can’t get enough of those!)

Rebecca’s next scene supposedly takes place at Mystic Falls High School, which is the place for old-ass vamps posing as high school kids. But Rebecca is hardly your typical high school student, and her first mission is to take over the student council. When MF’s perkiest, blondest vampire meets Rebecca, the new vamp in town makes no secret of the fact that she’s been cyber stalking Caroline. Creepy! Flattered but confused, Caroline asks Rebecca why. Her response is simple: “She wants everything Caroline has.” Forget a catfight, we smell a vampire brawl a-brewin’. (And that is infinitely more exciting anyway!)

While we can’t confirm that this casting call is legit, in an interview with TV Guide, TVD producer Julie Plec did say a character named Rebecca with ties to Stefan’s ripper past is most definitely en route to Mystic Falls.

Any ideas who would be perfect to play this over-privileged vampire princess? Post your suggestions in the comments.

Source: SpoilerTV