Why She Left Brad Womack: Recap of Emily Maynard’s Bachelor Break-Up Interview
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The Bachelor

Why She Left Brad Womack: Recap of Emily Maynard’s Bachelor Break-Up Interview

At the start of the brief but uncomfortable “Bachelor Updates” special, Chris Harrison stands outside the Bachelor mansion talking about what went wrong for Season 15 couple Brad Womack and Emily Maynard. Emily — who does the interview solo — steps out of a limo in some kind a reenactment of her first time on Season 15. (She should pull a Chantal O’Brien and slap him.)

Inside the house, Emily tells Chris she thought the next time they talked it would be about her wedding plans with Brad.

Most of the 10- to 15-minute interview is filled with stuff that’s been out there for a while, thanks to the couple's People magazine interview, Chris Harrison’s teasers, and a sneak peek clip. There’s not much new gold to mine, but here are a few highlights:

What’s the status of her relationship with Brad?
Emily: “We’re not engaged anymore. But he’s, you know, always going to be a huge part of my life. I don’t — for so long I think we left the dot-dot-dot and I feel bad that it’s taken us this long to, you know, let everybody know, but I’m just finally ready to say it.”

Does she still love him?
“I’ll always be in love with Brad. No one will ever hear me say a bad word about him — nor will I tolerate anybody else saying anything bad about him. Not a day will go by that I don’t regret how things have turned out and wish things were different.”

Why She Left Brad Womack: Recap of Emily Maynard’s Bachelor Break-Up Interview
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What went wrong?
After the proposal, Emily said she and Ricki were cleaning their house in Charlotte, North Caroline, and preparing to get an apartment in Brad’s town of Austin, Texas. They wanted to get their own place for the summer to start things slow. But “little red flags” would come up in the relationship. She realized her wishes for it to work out overshadowed the actual reality of the relationship.

“My hopes were so high. I wanted it so bad and it’s just really disappointing. It feels like a failure.”

Dealing with the media
The show invited her and Brad to come forward and do this sooner, but they said no thanks. She thought the media and fan speculation would go away on its own. (Why? Did they think they were the first people to deal with this? Of course the fans would need closure, even if it’s just a generic statement via ABC.)

Little Ricki doesn’t understand what “The Bachelor” is, so when cameras would follow them all day, Em told Ricki everybody thought she was Taylor Swift. That’s cute.

She said she’s lonely now because she doesn’t know who to trust. She doesn’t want to have to worry that something she tells a friend will end up in a magazine the next day. She also doesn’t want to tell this story 100 times, so she’s hoping this will be the only time she has to talk about it.

So that’s it, folks. Do we have our Brad and Em closure? Can we stop talking about them forever?

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