Chris Harrison’s Blog: Constantine and Ashley Almost Passed Out From Smoke Inhalation
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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison’s Blog: Constantine and Ashley Almost Passed Out From Smoke Inhalation

They say love is a battlefield, so what’s wrong with some choking along the way? In his Entertainment Weekly blog on The Bachelorette Season 7, Episode 7, Chris Harrison explains how Ashley Hebert and Constantine Tzortzis had the ride of their lives in Taiwan. He also digs into JP’s “foul mood”; his respect for Ashley’s decisions about Ryan, Lucas, and the cocktail party; and more thoughts about his interview with Emily Maynard.

Here are highlights from the Rosemaster’s full blog:

This is always an awkward week
“The week before hometowns is a bit awkward, and always a tough one every season. Most of Ashley’s relationships have moved forward to the point where they are ready to be exclusive, or as exclusive as the show will allow. So the guys are done living together, done seeing each other go on dates with Ashley and done with group dates.”

Tunnel of love/death
“Constantine got the first date and it was a pivotal one. To borrow a phrase from Ashley, she and Constantine had a breakthrough. He was one of those guys like Ryan that she knew she cared for but wasn’t sure if she had any chemistry with. Constantine really rose to the occasion and they had an amazing date. One not-so-romantic note about their date was the fact that they almost passed out due to smoke inhalation on the train ride. When they went through a tunnel the smoke billowed into the cabin and there was no escape. Ash, Constantine, and the entire crew were coughing up a lung and gasping for air when they finally got out of the tunnel.”

Ben was always a lock for hometowns
“There really wasn’t a lot to Ben’s date as far as his relationship with Ashley. The two of them are in a great spot and all this date did was move it forward another few positive steps. They have such great chemistry and he knows just what to do and say to put her at ease. There was no question in anybody’s mind that he was getting a rose and a hometown date.”

Whiny little group date
“After this week the guys won’t have to endure group dates and they really won’t see each other except at the rose ceremonies. JP was in a foul mood all week and being put on the group date only made it worse. It’s not that he’s necessarily insecure, but it’s tough for these guys who care for Ashley at this point to have to watch her date the other guys. JP did deliver the line of the night when he described Ames’ outfit as the ‘offspring of an ostrich and Elton John.’ While JP and Lucas were wallowing in their misery, Ames was his usual positive, delightful self. He carried on as if he didn’t have a care in the world and continued to impress Ashley.”

“Ryan was crushed and speechless”
“Easily the most noteworthy moment of the episode came during Ashley’s one-on-one date with Ryan. He was so excited to finally get his date with her. He was having a blast and really feeling good about everything when Ashley pulled the rug out from under him and sent him home. The usually positive Ryan was crushed and speechless. He didn’t know what hit him and didn’t know what to say or ask Ashley. He never saw that coming from her. Ashley explained herself excellently by letting him know at this point if she doesn’t feel it, why lead him on any further and then drag his family into it? Despite the honest intentions, it still hurt her and Ryan.”

Lucas has gone stagnant
“Much like her relationship with Ryan, Ashley just wasn’t feeling it with Lucas at this point. Lucas was a little put off in Hong Kong and since then his relationship with Ashley just got a little stagnant, and at this stage in the game you just can’t have that.”

More about Emily Maynard
“I talked to Brad before and after the interview and all he cared about was Emily. Before the interview he asked me as a friend to be there for her and not be to hard on her, which I don’t feel I was. After the interview all he wanted to know was how she was doing. … I have a lot of respect for Brad for deciding not to show up, yet giving Emily his blessing to do the interview and speak freely. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with Emily. I always have been blown away by the strength of this woman and she continues to impress. However sad the news I’m glad that the millions of fans that have followed their saga have gotten the answers they deserve.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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