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True Blood

Kevin Alejandro on True Blood’s Witches vs. Harry Potter and Kissing Nelsan Ellis – Exclusive

Although he’s relatively new to the world of True Blood, actor Kevin Alejandro (Jesus) knows exactly what it takes to play a badass brujo. In part one of an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Kevin opens up about the steamy future of Jesus and Lafayette’s relationship, what it’s like kissing Nelsan Ellis, and why Jesus could kick Harry Potter’s ass!

Wetpaint Entertainment: What’s it like playing a brujo? Will we see more of Jesus’ powers this season? It seems like there’s more to him than meets the eye!

Kevin Alejandro: You’ll get to see a lot more of Jesus’ powers this season, and anyone who has powers. This season is so great and so complex and so well-rounded. Everyone gets a moment to shine this season and it gets really deep. You definitely figure out who has issues.Whatever questions that were left unanswered — any that people might have — I think is all going to come full circle and people are going to be surprised and fulfilled all at the same time.

It seems like the witches are really putting Jesus and Lafayette to the test. What effect do they have on their relationship?

With anything pressing — in any heightened circumstance — it tests, in real life even. I think the way it’s written this season, they are definitely put to the test. You’ll see just how strong of a person each one of them is and how strong their love is.

Can you give us any details on the upcoming war between the witches and the vamps? What was that like to film?

[It was] crazy to film. Everything is at night, so all of our schedules are reversed. It was so much fun because I finally got to work with almost everybody in the cast, as opposed to last season — which was fantastic by the way — but they threw us all around. Everyone gets to work with everyone this season and it’s awesome. It gets so freakin’ crazy, you won’t believe it [laughs.]

Who would win in a magic battle: Jesus or Harry Potter?

[Laughs] Oh, Jesus by far! Wait, you just wait. You’ll answer your own question after about the seventh episode.

What do you draw from in your portrayal of Jesus?

I think Jesus is based on research. I did a lot of looking online about witchcraft and how it’s used in different cultures, different seances, and stuff like that. He’s pretty much based on a little bit of myself and a lot of research

True Blood is known for pushing the envelope and viewers seem to be responding really well to the Lafayette / Jesus relationship. Are there any steamier scenes coming up with these two?

It’s True Blood, so of course there’s going to be steam everywhere [laughs]. That’s about all I can say, but not only do you see that, you get to see just how deep the relationship actually is.

What’s it like kissing Nelsan Eliis in front of the cast and crew? Was there any awkwardness between the two of you at first?

[Laughs] That’s a great question! This is the first time I’ve ever had to kiss a guy. It was a little awkward — it was different. To me, sensuality is soft-skinned, beautiful girls. To kiss a dude with stubble was kind of weird [laughs.] But we talked about it beforehand and we’re in the same boat. Just by talking to him and getting to know each other and becoming buddies made it easier. Now it’s like nothing, it’s just something that we do. Nelsan, he’s got soft lips [laughs!]

Is he a good kisser?

Yeah, I guess so. Yeah. [Laughs]