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The Kardashians

Everything I Know About Life I Learned From the Kardashians

It’s no secret the Kardashians have a major influence on pop culture (clothing lines, TV shows and nail polish — oh my!), but they also have a major influence on how we live our day-to-day lives. We don’t know if that was their intention (though it probably was), but we’ve definitely picked up some serious life lessons from the KDash family.

5. Sex sells. Kim Kardashian showed us all how to freely swing open the door to fame: a sex tape. With an R&B singer (or someone else mildly famous). But this is not a surefire pathway to success: It also doesn’t hurt if you’re extremely attractive and already have a pretty high-profile last name. Duly noted.

4. There’s nothing like a sister’s bond. The Kardashians, and even little Jenners Kylie and Kendall, are super close. The girls do everything together — bikini waxes, risque photo shoots, even butt X-rays. They fight, too, but just because they’re very open, honest people. And at the end of the day? Nothing comes between them. Where do we sign up to become one, again?

3. Family and business are probably best kept separate. How different would these girls’ lives be if Kris Jenner was not their Momager? While we don’t question Kris’ business savvy, we think having business and family all entwined totes strains their relationships. Kris skips out on dinners when she’s “working” for her girls, Kim forces her lil’ sis into modeling and causes WWIII as a result, you know. Even when Khloe had her BFF Malika working as her assistant, things didn’t work out. We know Kris does a good job making money for her daughters, but it surely doesn’t look like it’s had a positive affect on their relationships. Didn’t anybody listen to the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ten Crack Commandments”? But for this family, their business is their family, and their family is their (and a couple million viewers’) business.

2. You should date a sports star. The Kardashian women have clearly taught us athletes are the only men in the world who are attractive and make ridiculous amounts of money and are suitable to date (even Kris Jenner’s hubby Bruce was, oh you know, an Olympic athlete!). Plus, word is they like to get married pretty fast. Future gold diggers of the world, you can thank the Kardashians for showing you the way.

1. You gotta do you. Okay, time to get serious. The Kardashians may be “famous for being famous,” but what that really means is they’re famous for just being their wacky, silly, over-the-top gorgeous selves. People may try to cramp their style with snide comments and baseless Internet rumors, but in the end, the KDashes keep doin’ what they do — and we love it.