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The Bachelorette

New Revelations! What Does Chris Harrison Really Think of Jake, Kasey, and Vienna?

Wow. Just… wow. Gotta start with a shoutout to Reality Steve for pointing us to this refreshingly candid interview from Chris Harrison and Channel Guide Magazine. It’s almost shocking to realize how much The Rosemaster actually views the Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants in the same light as the rest of us. He’s not that delusional after all!

But the contestants are. Oh, they are. Especially Jake Pavelka, bless him, and Chris openly calls him on it.

The interview includes great plugs for Bachelor Pad Season 2, as well as a few tidbits on the rest of Ashley Hebert’s season of The Bachelorette. But it’s really just a fascinating character piece from an insider’s perspective. For example, it sounds like Kasey Kahl is going to come off as some kind of David Good/Kiptyn Locke hybrid on BP2. (That’s meant to be a compliment.)

Chris also pokes fun at all the bachelorettes who head into The Bachelor as regular pretty girls, go through the styling process with Cary Fetman, and come out convinced they are expert fashionistas. He’s so right! But the best stuff from The Rosemaster is about poor Jake, who really wants some image rehab but can’t quite get there. It’s a shame he’s already done Dancing With the Stars. Usually DWTS is good for that.

Here are highlights from the full interview, but you really will need to read the whole thing:

Channel Guide: Are you surprised that [infamous Season 14 flameouts] Jake and Vienna both agreed to do the show?
Chris: I am always unbelievably surprised when [contestants] come back, but I think it is the nature of these people. It kind of feeds the beast and feeds their insatiable appetite to be in the limelight, to continue their 15 minutes of fame. But the thing is, too, it really is fun. Being on The Bachelor/Bachelorette is an incredible experience — especially now. I mean, when Trista and Ryan did it, I think we went to Sedona. Now, this season we’re in [sic] Cheng Mai and then we’re going to Hong Kong, Tai Pei, and then we end up in Fiji. It’s unbelievable the places and experiences these people get to see and do.

Channel Guide: Vienna’s current flame, Kasey Kahl, is also on board. Do they guard and protect each other’s hearts, or does the need for Vienna to be Vienna take over?
Chris: The short answer is yes. The will to be Vienna will definitely win over. That insatiable appetite to just be Vienna — she knows no other way. So that will happen. But ironically enough, I think that their relationship will work. It’s an interesting dynamic, but she and Kasey just have this thing. Kasey jokes about “guarding and protecting” but he really is kind of old school. He really protects her and he really gets upset when people get on her. And her being attacked — even though it’s her doing and I don’t know if she really ever sees that — really just brings them closer together and makes him more defensive. So it’s a really interesting dynamic that I think, oddly enough, will work. It’s funny because Kasey has become this real cool cat and kind of a dominating figure. He was a pretty low-profile — not geeky — guy, but kind of a low profile character on the season and was dumped on a glacier in the middle of Iceland. And he got the tattoo. He was kind of the cocktail joke of that season and now he’s this strong, brooding figure who protects Vienna and fights crime and it’s really funny how his persona has changed and how he was able to do that. And even in Bachelor Pad, he is a strong central figure in the house instead of the quiet guy that was taken advantage of during The Bachelorette. I don’t know if he has learned some things, but he’s a different man for sure.

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Channel Guide: Where does that leave Jake, who morphed from fan-favorite Bachelorette contender to popular Bachelor to a camera-chasing legend in his own mind?
Chris: Jake is some who … it’s hard to explain. He’s a good guy, he means well, but he’s a little bit — and they all are to an extent — a little bit delusional about their fame and their scope and how long this is going to last. I try to tell all these people, “Take advantage of all this. Use this to enhance your life, whatever that is. If that means going to open up a bridal shop or going to open up a club, that’s fine. Maybe turn it into a great way to promote your real estate business or be a better pilot, you know for Jake … but he really got caught up in it. He really, really got caught up in it and enjoyed it. And he’s someone who came on [Bachelor Pad] to try to turn the tide and change everybody’s opinion of him. And he really has a hard time with that.

Channel Guide: Wow! I would have expected him to come in certain he’s the star of the show and ruler of the roost!
Chris: Oh absolutely. Absolutely, I would agree with that. He definitely came in with that swagger and that feel. But they all do. I was talking to our stylist, this great guy, Cary Fetman, who has literally worked every diva in the world from Oprah all the way up, Joan Rivers, he’s done everybody and he dresses all the Bachelorettes, all these girls, Trista to Jillian to Ali. And it’s not that they didn’t have a sense of style, but once they were on The Bachelorette and he dresses them and we do the hair and makeup and they look so cute and everyone thinks of them as fashion moguls and they go out and basically act like that was them — like “that was me, that was my own persona.” I always want to send them a tape of their pre-interview, when they were left to their own devices and say, “No, this was you! This is the new you … courtesy of us.” But Jake wants to continue his 15 minutes. He loves TV, he wants to act, and he loves that limelight for sure. He can, and probably will go back to flying planes, but that’s not what he wants to do. And I think to a certain extent, because he knew that Vienna was going to be there, he also saw this as an opportunity to rehabilitate his public persona, apologize, try to mend what was broken and move on amicably. Kind of what we tried to do in the first meeting at that house that went tragically wrong [laughs]. I think genuinely he really doesn’t like to be disliked. He loved Vienna. They were engaged. I know it was a big mess on TV for everybody — but these were two people who were engaged. And he loved her. And I think everybody forgets that. But he loved her and I think he’s trying to get at least her to forgive him. Maybe that interview was just too soon. And now he really wants to move on and get some closure. I mean, even with Kasey, he’s like, “I don’t love her any more, I just want her to be happy and to move on.” And I think he feels that maybe now that he has a relationship and she’s happy maybe he can be happy and just move on.


There’s a lot more. Read the full interview here.

Source: Channel Guide Magazine

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