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So You Think You Can Dance

Mary Murphy: I Was the One Who Stood Up for Alexander

Mary Murphy wasn’t ready to send ballet dancer Alexander Fost home last week. She tried to keep him in the competition, but was unfortunately outnumbered in the decision. “I am the one vote that stood up for him. The reason why is that I felt his body of work from the beginner was strong … [Alexander’s] growing curve was on the way up. I felt like Mitchell [Kelly’s] growing curve was not there, but I was out voted,” she told Give Me My Remote shortly after the elimination.

The judges’ decision gets more difficult each week, as the number of dancers remaining in the competition dwindles. Making the unappealing but necessary task even more of a challenge is the time crunch.

“There’s not a lot of time, so deliberation is not long … we have a matter of seconds.” Mary, as well as the other judges, believed that both Ryan Ramirez and Alexander’s solos were not up to snuff, but she still struggled with eliminating him. "His solo was not strong, I think he just got up there and choked. I remember that kid’s audition. He was fantastic in his audition … [I thought] holy smokes! What is he doing up there? I felt like I was being ‘punked.’” In fact, Mary was surprised that Alexander and his partner, Sasha Mallory, weren’t saved by America’s votes. “I did not think that [Sasha and Alexander] would be in the bottom three.”

Unfortunately, the reality is that two dancers must leave every week. Best of luck to Alexander and Ryan in their next dancing adventures.

Source: Give Me My Remote