New Ben Flajnik Interview: I Am Portrayed Exactly as I Act in Real Life
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The Bachelorette

New Ben Flajnik Interview: I Am Portrayed Exactly as I Act in Real Life

Ben Flajnik was almost a rocker instead of a lover. What would Constantine Tzortzis Ashley Hebert have done without him?

Before he was the low-key winemaker of The Bachelorette Season 7, Ben F. was a music production major at the University of Arizona and played in a few bands. According to his childhood friend and fellow Evolve Winery founder Mike Benziger, Ben moved to San Diego after college graduation and talked about going on a reality TV show like American Idol.

We’re not Randy Jackson, but that idea sounds pitchy, dawg.

Thank goodness Ben’s sister decided to secretly send in his Bachelorette application. According to a cool and very detailed new story in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Bachelorette producers called Ben when he was working at an Internet advertising firm he started in San Diego. He was ready for a change, so he said yes. And unlike some of his fellow bachelors — who get stalked by the tabloids and paparazzi — Ben has had a pretty drama-free ride on Season 7.

“That’s kind of the way I roll, I’m a low-key dude,” Ben told the Press Democrat. “It’s nice to know after seeing this program that I am portrayed exactly as I act in real life.”

Wine buddy Mike agreed with the edit his friend received. “I think they’re doing a really good job of portraying exactly who he is,” Mike said. “He’s a big sweetheart, very genuine, down to earth.”

He’s not even hidden away. Ben and Mike are holding viewing parties with friends in San Francisco. “I’m out and about,” Ben said. “My life feels as normal as ever.”

(That’s another thing. Since when are contestants allowed to give detailed interviews while still competing on the show?)

The owner of Sunflower Caffe in Sonoma told the Press Democrat that “gaggles of girls” in their 20s have been giggling their way into the cafe, requesting Ben F.'s wine. Ladies have been going on Ben’s Facebook page to tell him if Ashley doesn’t pick him, they are available.

However, Mike said he met Ashley during the hometown visit — which we’ll see tonight, July 18 — and he said she’s lovely with a great sense of humor.

“We’ll see what happens, but I feel like they have some great chemistry,” Mike said. “In the past, he dated a lot, and he just wasn’t fully into it. I think he went in a little skeptical about finding love, but I think as the show progressed, he realized it was kind of a real thing.”

Read the full interview for more from Ben and his Sonoma pals.

Are you hoping Ashley picks Ben? If not, should he be the next Bachelor or would you rather he just call you directly?

Source: The Santa Rosa Press Democrat

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