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Secret Life of the American Teenager

5 Biggest WTF Moments From Secret Life Season 4, Episode 6: “Don’t Go In There!”

Do you love Secret Life of the American Teenager unconditionally? So do we! But sometimes we scratch out heads and go: “What the whaaaa?” If you ended this episode filled with Secret Life joy, but also some mild confusion about certain teens and their sexy antics, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up the biggest WTF moments from, “Don’t Go In There!”

1. Question: Should men get all their one-liners from Secret Life? Answer: YES! Word to the wise, boys: Ladies love nothing more than being told they look like a hooker. Just look at Rachel and Milton: She’s sitting at the bar all lonesome and forlorn, he comes up, tells her she looks like a whore, and BOOM. Someone got himself a dinner date (and probably some dirty dancing).

2. Is Adrian self-healing? Last week, Adrian was huddled in a corner listening to Adele on repeat with her hand wrapped up in paper towels. Biatch busted about twenty holes in the wall, so you’d think her manicured nails would be in complete disrepair, right? No way! Adrian looks picture perfect when she waltzes back on campus, and we’re thinking: self-healing powers + that evil cackle at the end of the episode = secret supernatural villain.

3. Is Ben a pot-head? Leo seems to think Ben is “smoking dope,” and judging from the fact that this boy’s most intelligent conversations are with his stuffed bear, we have to agree. And we didn’t hear Ben denying it. Hugs, not drugs, Benny!

4. Does Jack’s dad think Grace is a slut? Jack’s dad desperately wants the Bowman-Tseguays to come back to church — especially Grace, who he clearly thinks is selling out her body for cookies. Does Grace need to be saved? You know what they say: Thou shalt not lie with more than three hot boys at once.

5. Is Kathleen trying to bone Daniel? Maybe we’ve been sipping on too many virgin-margaritas, but it seemed like Kathleen and Daniel were totally getting their flirt on while Grace was waiting in the car. Ew, Kathy. We know your hubby has rejected your for a bunch of pregnant ladies across the world, but show some class.

07.19.2011 / 11:52 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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