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The Bachelorette

Ashley Hebert’s Blog: Ben’s Conservative Family and Constantine’s Religion Surprised Me

It’s funny how much stuff we don’t get to see on The Bachelorette — and how much it could affect the outcome. Like religious views.That seemed to be an issue for Ashley Hebert on her Season 7 hometown dates, even though we didn’t actually hear anything about it on the show.

Ashley gets into detail in her blog for Episode 8. Here are highlights:


Constantine’s family and faith
Constantine's family is his life and they make him whole. I think more than any other hometown visit, being around Constantine's family let me know that they would be a constant and welcome presence if we chose to spend our lives together. One moment you didn't get to see was his mother sharing a story with me about when she was sick, and Constantine stayed by her bed until she got better. It really touched my heart; I knew he was a good man who puts family first, and I was right. I also learned on this date that being Greek Orthodox was a huge part of his life. I had never known religion to be that important to him, and it really took me by surprise that he never mentioned it to me. I assume it was fear of dissimilarity. Overall, my relationship with Constantine reached an incredible place on this hometown date.”

Ames needed more action
“I really like Ames, but I have always waited for the romance to really happen. I saw a bit of his spontaneous side in the elevator in Taipei, but I feel he always talked about how he was romantic more than he actually was. This hometown date was really my last attempt to see if it could be there. Serena had great insight because even she wasn't sure if I felt it. I was hoping to see it all come to fruition on this date, and while I did see and feel more, it wasn't enough to let one of the other guys go.”

Ben’s mom is the new Coco Chanel?
Ben's family was one of the families that surprised me the most. In my mind, I thought they were going to be loud, outgoing, and somewhat goofy like Ben. I was so surprised to see that they were quite the opposite. They were sophisticated and conservative. His mother reminded me of Coco Chanel! I was so nervous talking with her and felt somewhat intimidated. Ben's family has been through a lot in the past few years and I sensed a guard and protectiveness over him. Watching Ben's interview brought tears to my eyes. It was nice to see him dig deep into his heart and be comfortable showing emotion that he held in for so long.”

JP’s family doesn’t care that Ashley is not Jewish
“I was really nervous to meet JP's family for a different reason than he probably thought. I was scared that they wouldn't be pleased that I wasn't Jewish. Religion does not matter to me, but I had no idea how they felt about it, so I went into this date with nervousness on my shoulders. What a relief! His family was so supportive and sweet. They were also very concerned about JP getting his heart broken. It became clear that he had a very emotional breakup that affected him greatly, and all they want is to see their son happy. I also learned that JP gets his sweet smile from his mother, and his intellect from his dad. I had so many great conversations with everyone, but the best part was seeing his Bar Mitzvah photo. Sweet mullet, JP! Now we all know why he shaves his head!”

Read the full blog for more, but she sounds pretty Team Cupcake from where we’re standing...

Source: People

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07.19.2011 / 10:22 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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