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Jersey Shore

JWOWW Steals Snooki’s Look (With Credit to Lauren Conrad, Too)

Days after Snooki debuted her Lauren Conrad-inspired tie-dyed highlights, JWOWW jumped on the bandwagon, too. Um, in all fairness, we think LC has set better trends in her day (let's all stop pretending like we didn't have an ombre dye job during her The Hills days), but the combination dip-dyed/tie-dyed thing actually looked kind of cool on her. She managed to rock just the right hues of pink and blue to flatter her blonde locks and — the key to making this style work — dyed her hair back to normal two days later.

Snooki opted for platinum and pink highlights on her long black tresses when she worked the trend, and we were on board with that, too. It had a strangely Pocahontas-like effect on her, and she looked kind of adorbz.

JWOWW, however, searched for highlight shades that curiously resembled Claire's clip-on extension colors, and for once, she's probably the least stylish guidette of the group. Seriously, this is almost as bad as her skunk chunk highlights at the beginning of Season 1. It's bad. Dye it back, Jenni. Please.

Source: Fashionista