Music From Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 6: “Never Letting Go”
Credit: Bruce Birmelin/ABC Family Channel © 2011 Disney ABC Television Group    
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Pretty Little Liars

Music From Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 6: “Never Letting Go”

What's a fashion show without fabulous music to set the mood? Get the deets on the tunes featured on Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 6, "Never Letting Go" here, so you can rock out like the fab four anytime:

Artist: The Quiet Kind
Song: "Arms and Enemies"
Album: The Quiet Kind
Scene: This song plays during Ali's runway memorial — before everything goes to hell.
I trust
Arms and enemies,
Fragile and small.
Warm body next to me.

Artist: Savoir Adore
Song: "Bodies"
Album: In The Wooded Forrest
Scene: Hanna rocks out in the kitchen, until she realizes her dad is watching!
Bodies, don't die
Bodies, please don't cry
I been taking all the silver
I been saving all the gold
I'm gonna stuff it down the throat of a week old corpse
Save that doggone soul.

Artist: Girls Love Shoes
Song: "Flaunt"
Album: Supamedicine
Scene: Emily flaunts her sexy blue dress — and sexier bare back — while Samara watches.
Don't you, don't you wanna see me flaunt what I've got?
Baby come a little closer,
Come and get to know me, and what I got.
Baby, won't you come and see me?
Won't you come and be with me?

Artist: Sarah Leichtenberg
Song: "Wonder Woman"
Album: Wonder Woman - Single
Scene: The girls rock the runway.
I can be your Wonder Woman,
Fulfill your every fantasy,
Just send a signal out to me.
I can be your super girl tonight.

Artist: Twirl
Song: "The Things We Do For Fashion"
Album: The Things We Do For Fashion - Single
Scene: The fashion show kicks off with a bang.
The things we do for fashion
I wanna look like they do in magazines
I'm gonna starve for those size 0 jeans
I'll squeeze my feet into those shoes till they bleed
And then I'll walk around like I don't care.

Artist: Julin
Song: "Electrify"
Album: Electrify - Single
Scene: Guests pour into the fashion show.
You've got me in a frenzy,
With every touch.
Don't stop me, because I like you
Can't get enough.

Artist: Savannah Packard
Song: "Move With Me"
Album: Move With Me - Single
Scene: The girls glam up backstage before the show.
Lyrics: Instrumental

Listen to "Bodies" here:

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