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True Blood

Natasha Alam Says Alexander Skarsgard’s Naked Body Helped Her Relax

Um ... gosh. The True Blood cast has some pretty wild times on the show, but Natasha Alam (Yvetta)’s life is, hands down, way more interesting when they camera’s aren’t rolling.

Like her Estonian character, Yvetta, Natasha hails from Eastern Europe (Uzbekistan in her case). While she’s never been in a bisexual threesome with her vampire bosses, here are a few things she has done: Traveled the world as a model; posed for the cover of Playboy; escaped from a drunken boyfriend who burst into her apartment, locked the doors, and made her and her roommates play Russian roulette (he “seemed very educated and nice,” she explained); and married and divorced an exiled Iranian prince. If Alan Ball is looking for another TV show, he could do worse than her life.

Natasha says her co-stars have been real sweethearts (maybe they just don’t want to offend the Princess Diana of Iran). “Kristin [Bauer, who plays Pam) is this loving, very maternal creature,” she says. “She’s so sweet. When you meet her the first time, she gives you so much great, comfortable energy that you feel like you’ve known her most of your life. She helped me with my mom’s immigration papers, giving me advice and tips from when her husband went through the process.”

Co-star Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) also did his part. “Alexander was very helpful, especially the first day. The first day on the show, we were supposed to shoot a sex scene. We were both naked and I was tied up to the ceiling, and I was really nervous because I’d never done anything graphic like that. I wasn’t sure what protocol was. Did we rehearse like that? Was I supposed to keep my hands in the ropes the whole time? It was stressful, but then Alexander walks in and he was just really cool about it. He drops his robe and he’s totally naked there, not even wearing the modesty underwear, and that really helped me for him to be so nonchalant about it. His confidence gave me confidence.”

Yep, nothing relaxes us like a coworker’s naked wang.


07.20.2011 / 02:25 AM EDT by Melinda Taub
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