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Pretty Little Liars

Ashley Benson Talks About Her Boyfriend on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Ashley Benson looked adorable in a little black dress and an elegant updo as she signed autographs and chatted with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday, July 20, about her acting career, her boyfriend, and how she got her start in Hollywood! “I started doing commercials,” Ash revealed, “My very first one was an extra in a Disneyland commercial. I got to ride on Thunder Mountain all day, I got free food, I got to ride on rides, and it was the best day ever — so I told my parents I wanted to act!”

Ash also gabbed about her sister’s aspiring career as a member of the Laker Girls, and how her own obsession with the LA-based basketball team affects her work on PLL: “I was filming a scene for the show and we were doing a funeral, and I had to do this huge speech, and it was the final game of last year, two minutes to go. I was trying to say this speech and be so serious, and so dramatic, and I was having a panic attack because I needed to see the last part of the game, and I told all the cameramen, ‘You need to tape it on your cell phone.’ I was in the middle of my speech, I was like, ‘I’m so sorry, I have to go, I’ll be right back.” I missed it by like two seconds.” Oh well, if her sister becomes a Laker Girl, Ashley will have court-side seats for life!

While Ash isn’t watching b-ball and filming PLL, she hangs with her boyfriend (or “good friend, who’s a guy”), Ryan Good, who’s Justin Bieber’s “swag coach” and stylist! Confused? So was Jimmy. “He teaches him how to be cool,” Ash clarified, “They have the same personality.”

Wow, we had no idea Ashley was rolling with The Biebz!

Source: Jimmy Kimmel