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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2011 Winner: Is Reality Steve Wrong About Who Ashley Hebert Picks?

*Spoiler alert!* If you don’t want to read potential Bachelorette finale spoilers, go hang out with your new boyfriend.

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Maybe we should’ve come up with a team name for Ashley Hebert and Ben Flajnik. Team Mental Kiss? Team Cupcake has such a nice ring to it, but Reality Steve dispatched an ominous tweet on Thursday, July 21, making us think that — once again — his sources got the ending wrong and our dancing dentist is engaged to hot winemaker Ben F., not hot construction manager JP Rosenbaum.

Here’s what Steve tweeted today:

@RealitySteve: “Whoa, whoa, whoa. It happened again? Another repeat of last season. Oh boy. Details coming tomorrow...”

What could that be, other than a finale switch-up? Steve’s sources said Brad picked Chantal O’Brien when he actually picked Emily Maynard on The Bachelor Season 15. Before that, Steve’s sources said Ali Fedotowsky picked no one instead of Roberto Martinez and Chris Lambton, when she is now engaged to Hottie Dimples.

So unless that tweet refers to something else (and how could it) we’re looking at a change-up. All signs have been pointing to JP as The One, but that has almost seemed TOO obvious. And Chris Harrison did say Ashley would have a new frontrunner in the overnight dates episode. And they did edit out a lot of stuff on Ben’s hometown date, potentially to cover up the fact that she was more into him than anyone else?

But Chris also asked us for our opinions on Ben after the hometown dates episode. We thought he was giving us a Season 16 Bachelor hint, but maybe he was really giving us a fiance hint.

So, at this point, Steve’s sources seem to be dead-on when it comes to everything except finales. Someone is messing with him. (Fleissed!) Producers don’t seem to care about anything except keeping the finales a secret until we’re basically at the end.

Where are your heads at, spoiler fans? What does this mean to you? What are we going to find out tomorrow? And can JP be the next Bachelor, if he isn’t The One for Ashley?

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07.21.2011 / 11:41 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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