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The Bachelorette

Exclusive! David Good on Ashley Hebert and Why The Bachelorette Should Be a Prettier Woman

Back to The Bachelorette for a minute. This has been kind of a tough season, but who do you think is the best choice — if anybody — for Ashley?

I really think for Ash it’s going to be [long pause] Constantine or Ben F. It’s a real close call there. I’m not sure which one yet, I really don’t. I really like Ben, but I also like Constantine’s family so much, I feel like it’s such a good fit. I guess Constantine. I can’t see Ashley moving out to Sonoma and settling down on a little wine place. I just can’t see her doing that. So I would say Constantine would be the one I pick.

I don't remember if it was you or Wes Hayden or Jesse Kovacs, but someone on the Beatdown said JP looks like he's about to snap. Like he's some kind of loose cannon...

Jesse Kovacs said that. I brought it up and I said I’m going to have to upset some people, ‘cause everybody’s on this JP wagon. Judging by what I’ve seen of him and the way he handles his relationships and then [this week] the key thing was the way they kept bringing up how bad he got hurt and how fast he falls in love and how jealous he is and how much he got hurt from it — they kept bringing that up and up and up. Putting that together with what I’ve seen of him on the show, how jealous he is when she’s with other guys — when she’s out doing this, he’s sitting on the couch [getting upset]. Before I liked JP for her. And I’m not saying I dislike the guy at all. But I’m saying you have to think about their relationship after the show. Like Emily and Brad. I don’t understand the thought process people have, if they think they’re just going to go back home and everything’s going to be normal. It’s not like that. If Ashley and JP were to get married or stay together after the show, their lives aren’t normal. They’re in the spotlight, they’re in magazines. She’s doing interviews. He’s doing interviews. They’re flying all over the place — for years to come. I mean, Trista is still doing stuff for that, you know what I mean? They’re still in the spotlight. She’s still on Bachelorette Beatdown, she’s still in magazines, and [her Bachelorette season] was seven years ago. I can’t see a guy that’s that jealous — I know guys like him that get that upset — it’s going to cause a lot of turmoil in their relationship because he’s not going to be able to handle her doing that stuff and he’s going to get jealous and insecure. And then Kovacs threw in his two cents and said yeah, he’s going to snap. He’s a very jealous person, he’s, you know, blah blah blah. I just said that she’s got to realize it’s not going to be normal after the show. And I don’t see him handling that well, so I don’t see the relationship lasting if they do get together.

What do you think it does take? It’s kind of an impossible situation. They’re so close together for such a short period of time, then they have to be apart. And Brad and Emily, they seemed to really blame the media a lot and all the speculation...

Well, the thing is — listen, they can blame whoever they want to, but the fact is we’re adults. Brad’s 39. He’s been on the show before. Don’t blame the media for your relationship problems. It has nothing to do with the media. It’s like my quote for Facebook — if Facebook is the problem with your relationship, Facebook’s not the problem. If the media is the problem with your relationship, guess what? The media is not the problem. You’ve got to own up to that sh-t. You can’t just sit there and blame the media ‘cause you guys can’t get along. That was rocky from the start. They fought like cats and dogs, it had nothing to do with the media.

I remember you kind of called out Emily on the Beatdown and prompted her to tweet that, despite rumors, she does not want to be the Bachelorette. Do you think that’s how people should handle it, like get out in front of the rumors and make it clear to the public?

Of course. … She’s got a lot of pull. Emily right now has a lot of pull, she’s in the spotlight. All she has to do is call up a magazine and say, or go on TV or anything, she could go anywhere and say that. And that’s all you have to do. She was on TV. Now, granted, I’m sure the Bachelorette or Bachelor is not going to, when they did the interview with her, they’re not going to put on TV if she was to say “I don’t want to do The Bachelorette.” I’m sure they’re not going to put that on TV ‘cause that’s just going to ruin what they got. They want her to do it, I’m sure. But if she really didn’t want to do it, all she has to do is say it. But look! Look what happened. Just ‘cause I called her out, she tweeted it. It’s in all the magazines, it’s all over the Internet. It’s official now. She doesn’t want to do it. That’s all she had to do before, but she hadn’t done it. So I told her, like I said if you don’t want to do it, then you’ve got to just say it, that’s it.

What about the next Bachelor? The hunt seems to be on since they have to pick a new guy. Do you think it will be someone from this season of The Bachelorette, or maybe someone from Bachelor Pad?

I hope not. I really hope not. They need a fresh face on there. They need somebody that’s going to bring some, a little bit of — I don’t want somebody that’s fake. I’m tired of these fake people that know the process, that know everything. I want somebody that’s real, that says what they’re thinking, that’s not just going to give in to everybody. That’s why they put Jake on there. Because he did anything they wanted. He would cry on cue. He curl up in a ball on cue. He would preach about Jesus on cue. Whatever they wanted, he’s going to do. I don’t want somebody like that. I want somebody on there that’s going to be real. America will be able to see that, whether it’s on the final episode, in between, or the first episode, eventually it comes out. I think people got to see that when Jake and Vienna were on there, the kind of person he really is. I want somebody that’s first off, ready to settle down and make the right call... I hate to put Ash down, ‘cause she’s a sweetheart. She’s a very nice girl. But let me ask you a question. If you were sitting in a room, just say you’re sitting in a bar, and Ashley walked in the right side of the bar and Emily walked in the other side of the bar. Where is everybody going to look? I’m just asking you this.

Well, probably wherever Michelle Money is, ‘cause she’s probably making the most dramatic production. I wanted her.

Yeah. Me too.

But Emily. Everyone’s going to look at Emily.

Everybody’s going to look at Emily. So why do they keep putting these little, cute, like homey girls on TV when it’s supposed to be the most beautiful, educated, smart, well-rounded person? I don’t understand it. As far as a person that’s involved in the show every day of my life, I tell the producers all the time, you need somebody that’s — just one time — that’s just drop-dead gorgeous. There’s hundreds of thousands of applicants for this. Trust me, I know girls in Tampa that are just so beautiful — smart, educated girls that have a lot to offer and they just keeping picking, like, I don’t know. The only way I can explain it is this, if Emily walks into a room, everybody’s looking over that way. As compared to Ashley. That’s what you want. You want that “wow” factor. That’s what I want. I want a “wow” factor on TV. Like “Wow, that girl is beautiful.” Emily is beautiful. She’s not gonna do it now, but she is. She’s gorgeous. I don’t have that with this [season]. When I turn this on, no guys want to sit there and drool over the TV. And I feel like that’s what we need that to make that “pow.” For the guys and the girls.

So for the guy we’d need some really handsome guy, but an unknown off the street?

Yeah. And real. I want somebody that’s real. I don’t want somebody that is going to do everything they say, that’s going to maybe upset somebody every now and then. You know what I mean? Like, he’s going to be like “Okay, well I don’t like her because of this, this and this.” Not, you know, everybody’s so politically correct that they put on there. They build them up and build them up and to me it’s just frustrating because I see through that. And maybe it’s because I know most of the people and that really ruins it for me.

Yeah, because they spent seasons and seasons with “real people” off the street. They tried to pick great guys and then ratings started to slip. They seem to have better ratings with known commodities, so I don’t know if they would go back.

That’s true, that people know them a little bit. I’m not happy with the picks. And I know some of the reasons behind the picks that I can’t talk about. As far as the girls go, they’ve got to get somebody with that “wow” factor back in there. And I hate to say that, it sounds so bad, but it’s a fact. And nobody can argue that fact that Ashley just blends in with the crowd. I’m sorry but if she were to come down here and go out anywhere, she’s just going to blend in. You want somebody that’s just “Wow, holy sh-t! That person just walked in the room. They are drop-dead gorgeous.”

What about Chantal O’Brien? She was the one who was supposed to do it. She’s beautiful and she had that personality that Emily, you know, Emily was more reserved. Do you think if Chantal hadn’t found someone else that she would’ve been a good Bachelorette?

Her personality definitely would’ve, I think she was very — I liked her personality. She would’ve been great for it. She still didn’t have that wow factor, for me anyway.

All right, I’ll leave you with a question about what’s next for you. Are you still doing things for your book, are you working on another one? What’s up with you?

Yeah, I’m still on the book tour. It’s kind of slowed down a little bit. We’re working on trying to get it in stores now, bigger stores. I’m looking into — I’m investing. I’ve got a couple of things I’m investing in, I can’t speak about yet. I’ve got Libigrow. I don’t know if you’ve heard about that, the libido pill that I endorse, which is pretty awesome. The commercial and photos are going to be released probably in the next two months. We’re making a commercial and stuff, it’s going to be pretty cool. And that’s about it right now. There’s a lot of stuff in the works, but I really can’t talk about it yet.

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You and Natalie got to return to the show to judge a competition, right?


Any teasers you can give based on what you saw?

The teaser I would give, it is hilarious! The competition is so funny and everybody’s going to be shocked. It’s something that ABC — it’s kind of like, you know we did Dancing With the Stars, that dancing competition when Natalie and I were on there? It’s similar to something like that, only it’s funny. This one’s funny.

What do you think it will take to win Season 2? The same thing as you and Natalie or a completely different strategy?

I gave somebody a strategy, they reached out to me. They asked me what to expect and stuff. My strategy was to be brutally honest with everybody so that people trust you from the beginning. You have to be honest and be yourself and lay low first. I said I did not win a couple — well, one competition. I said don’t win every competition because if you win every competition then you’re going to have a target on your back. So lay low. Pick your highs and lows. If you know you’re not on the chopping block, then don’t necessarily go out and try to win competitions full go. If it just falls in your lap, yes, but if you know you’re not getting sent home, don’t worry about getting a rose. ‘Cause you are given an idea when you’re in the house if you’re going to go home or not. You can tell. People are talking about you, one of your friends will come up and tell you. You can tell. I was never really on the chopping block. The way I played it, the way I was thinking was, if I’m not on the chopping block, I’m not necessarily going to try and win all these competitions. Now toward the end, of course you have to. But in the beginning I think it’s more important to lay low, befriend everybody, and be straight up with people. People would come up to me and be like “Who are you voting for?” and I would say “You.” Look ‘em right in the eye. And that honesty — they were like, “Okay, why?” And I would tell them why, this is my reasoning. And I would say “I made this pact. I did this, I did that.” And so that really played out in my advantage. And I helped a couple of people stay on there that toward the end came back to really help me out.

So did you give that strategy to someone we’re going to see this season?

I did.

Are you going to say who or are we going to have to find out after, to see if it worked?

You’re going to have to find out after. Sorry!

Who are you looking forward to seeing on the show? Who will you have your eye on?

I’m good friends with Stag. I really like Michelle Money. I’m friends with a lot of people on the show — Holly. I don’t know the new guys, obviously, that are on there from the new show. But I mean, obviously, I mean I really hate watching Jake on TV. Every time I see the guy — it’s just upsetting that he gets more face time. It’s just frustrating. All the guys from our season, everybody has had to put up with him, and seeing him around. It’s just so annoying. And now they’re on TV and he’s going to be on. The guy’s just brutal to watch.

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If you watched The Bachelorette Season 5, Bachelor Pad Season 1, or any Bachelorette Beatdown video, you know exactly where David Good stands on everything. ‘Cause he’ll just tell you.

That occasionally jarring but often refreshing bluntness helped him win Bachelor Pad Season 1 with Natalie Getz. And when a cast member on the upcoming BP2 asked him for tips before going on the show, Dave gave the player a full strategy. He shared the same pointers with Wetpaint Entertainment, but we’re going to have to wait till the season starts to find out who got his scoop and if it worked for them.

But we don’t have to wait to hear about Dave’s disappointment with Bachelorette Ashley Hebert, why JP Rosenbaum would be a bad choice for her, and why the Bachelorette should be a drop-dead gorgeous girl like Emily Maynard instead of Ashley or even Chantal O’Brien. (We told you he doesn’t mince words.)

Dave is still promoting his new book, The Man Code: A Woman's Guide to Cracking the Tough Guy, but the Tampa resident took some time Wednesday to talk to us about all that stuff and more.

Wetpaint Entertainment: I've been watching The Bachelorette Beatdowns and you said you pulled a 180 with Ames. You made fun of him at first but now you love him. How did he win you over?

David Good: At first, you know, the guy — he had pink shorts on, he got in that [Muay Thai boxing] ring, he got beat up. He seemed like a very feminine type guy. He admitted he was kind of dorky, so it was kind of easy to make fun of him at the beginning, but then I began to see the very, very intellectual, smart side of the guy, to where he owns up that and he doesn’t care. He’s comfortable with himself. He makes fun of himself and I respect that in a person. Like “You know what, this is me. This is who I am.” When I started seeing that, he made me laugh. The guy’s personality, he’s very upbeat. He really kind of lets stuff run off his back, he doesn’t get upset about anything. Even at the end, he was smiling. He’s very well-spoken. I just started — every time I would see him on the television I would literally smile. This guy just makes me smile, he’s just standing there like kind of awkward looking with this little smirk on his face. Yeah, I started to like him. I was like, this guy, I respect him.

What did you think about him for Ashley, though? Do you think she made a good call for herself to let him go?

Yes. I don’t think they were a good couple at all. I don’t like him for Ashley, but he’s going to make some girl very, very happy. I really don’t think they made a good couple.

How do you think he'll do on Bachelor Pad Season 2?

Umm... Just because he’s coming off of [The Bachelorette] and he’s not — I don’t think he’s a very outspoken person and he’s going to have to step on some feet to win this show, I don’t think he’ll do very good.

I want to talk more about The Bachelorette in a minute, but Bachelor Pad really seems like it's going to be amazing this season. There's a three-hour premiere and the teasers have focused on Jake and Vienna. I know you know Jake from The Bachelorette, but do you know Vienna pretty well?

I know her. I’ve hung out with her a couple times. Yeah, I mean I don’t know her as well as I know him, obviously, but I do know her.

What do you think we'll see from them on the show? Everyone was kind of surprised that they decided to do this together, or he decided after she did, it seems. What do you think is going to happen with them?

I don’t think they’re going to get along. She’s a very drama-filled girl. She’s emotional. I think everybody knows how I feel about Jake. They’re not going to be able to be in the same house after going through what they went through on [The Bachelor Season 14 and the infamous break-up that aired last summer] and all that. There’s definitely going to be some turmoil between them.

Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst are also on the show, even though they supposedly ended their engagement a few months ago. Why do you think they are doing this? Won't it be awkward for them as well?

It will be awkward, but I feel like they’re a little bit more mature in the way they handle their relationship stuff. I know that they’ve gotten along better than Vienna and Jake, so I don’t think it’s going to be quite as bad as that. I’m sure at first it might be a little awkward. But I know that they live close to each other and they seen each other out and they have a lot of mutual friends, so they handle that very well. So I think they’ll be able to be friendly and be cordial in the house together.

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