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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Shocker! Reality Steve: Ashley Hebert’s Runner-Up Is Now Dating Britt Billmaier

*Major spoiler alert* If you don’t want to read Reality Steve’s spoilers, fly away now little starling!*

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Go ahead and exhale, Team Cupcake. Reality Steve’s teaser tweet did not actually mean he was reversing his position on the ending of The Bachelorette Season 7. According to Steve’s sources, Ashley Hebert is still engaged to JP Rosenbaum.

Steve tweeted this yesterday: “Whoa, whoa, whoa. It happened again? Another repeat of last season. Oh boy. Details coming tomorrow.”

And he knew it would get people worked up, thinking his sources were wrong on the ending for a third time in a row, and Ashley was really engaged to Ben Flajnik. He’s a gem like that. Here’s what he really meant, which is actually even more surprising:

“Nothing I wrote yesterday was exaggerated or misleading. We absolutely have a situation brewing right now that mirrors exactly what happened during Brad’s season. However, it’s not the one 98% of you think it is. I worded that tweet very carefully and got the reaction I pretty much expected I’d get which was ‘Ben is the final one???? Hahahaha you were wrong!’ Don’t believe that reaction? I’ll even share some of the emails I got in a bit. Anyway, the repeat of last season is NOT that I’m changing my final one from JP to Ben. Far from it. I’ve always known she was with JP and never wavered from it. All the info I had received up to this point pointed to why I knew it was JP, but it was info I just couldn’t share to protect sources. I never had any info that I could’ve shared which showed Ben wasn’t the one she chose. Until now. The repeat of last season that I was talking about was that the person who finished second is seeing someone now while the show is airing. Remember after I changed it to ‘Brad is with Emily’ there were still some doubters out there, so I told you one of the reasons I knew it was Emily was because Chantal was seeing a guy named Jeff Razore? Which of course ended up being true since they are currently engaged. Well, here’s what I can now report on for this season’s runner-up:

Ben has been seeing Britt Billmaier from Brad’s season.

They have been seen with each other quite a few times over the last month or so and it’s not been to exchange stock tips or swap recipes if you get my point. Hey, good for them. Hope it works out. I showed you in Tuesday’s column what has happened to the last six or so runner’s up from this show, so I guess things look promising at least. This was more of my way of giving you all some proof that Ben is not the final one at the end, unless you just laid down your crack pipe and are thinking, ‘Well, maybe Ben is meeting up with Britt to discuss how in love he is with Ashley and is looking for advice.’ Uhhhhh, not quite. These two were flirting on Twitter before he had to shut down his account (and she has subsequently deleted all her tweets that were sent directly to him), they both live in San Francisco, and as I said, they’ve been seen together on more than a few occasions out there. Trust me, they’re seeing each other. Just like Chantal and Jeff were last season. I have no idea how serious it is, where it’s headed, or if these two are headed down an aisle anytime soon. All I know is they’ve been seeing each other over the last month.”

Wow. Well, if this is true — way to go, Britt! She’s a chef and he’s a wino, so their dinner parties will probably be awesome... Maybe they can double date with Ames and Jackie?

Source: Reality Steve

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07.22.2011 / 09:03 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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