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Attack of the Slushies! Recap of The Glee Project, Episode 6: “Tenacity”

Last week, we bid Matheus goodbye, and we lost yet another Gleek hopeful tonight, but that's show business, people. Before we get to who didn't get called back, here's what you missed...

The theme this week was "tenacity" — basically, how much crap and humiliation you're willing to put up with. Naturally, our guest judge was Max Adler, aka our favorite closeted bully, Dave Karofsky. We kept expecting him to shove Cameron into a locker or something, but he's actually kinda a nice guy in real life. The homework was La Roux's "Bulletproof." After a weak start, Max asked the group to surprise him, which they interpreted as instructions to throw chairs around and shove people out of the way. In the end, Marissa won for being the first to kick a chair (or probably because Max thought she was mad cute).

For the group number, we got a fired-up mashup: David Bowie and Queen's "Under Pressure" with Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby." Nice. Even better, the gang was told that they would undergo a major rite of passage, a staple of Gleek initiation, if you will: slushies! Most of the cast cheered at the news, while Alex was the only one sane enough to conclude that an icy cold beverage thrown in your face from inches away may not be the best reason to celebrate. Well, for them, anyway... we were giddy with excitement.

As it turns out, these guys were subjected to, like, extreme slushie-ings. Each of them pretty much got five or six consecutive slushies to the grill. Cameron definitely had it the worst, when he opened a locker to have a slushie machine of sorts just blasting a bazooka-like shot of iciness directly in his face. Harsh.

The video came out pretty awesome, in the end. Still, three people had to fall in the bottom, and for the first time, the decision was not unanimous! The three contestants to be dealt last-chance performances were Alex (for being lazy), Marissa (for lacking spark mid-slushies), and Cameron (for forcing a second take during his slushie blast experience). It came down to Cameron and Hannah for the last slot, by the way, but Hannah edged Cameron out thanks to her kick-ass rappin' skillz. Seriously, that rap was tight.

On the upside, the bottom three were given a bit of a break by getting their original audition songs assigned to them, so they did have confidence on their side when they faced Ryan Murphy. Alex made things right by performing a showstopping rendition of "And I Am Telling You" in drag, after failing to come out as Amy Winehouse last week (which, yes, that is a pretty creepy coincidence, indeed). Of course, he blew it out of the water, with more runs than a Little League baseball game. Ryan was quite impressed by Alex's brave choice.

Marissa strutted out Jill Scott's "Hate On Me," which — not gonna lie — we weren't really feeling all that much. Ryan acknowledged her talent, but advised her to be less "all over the place." Finally, Cameron came out to perform his original song, "Love Can Wait," with his guitar... and, OMG, he's so adorable! Love him. Ryan totally dug it, but he's worried about Cam's acting.

Bottom line: Marissa got the boot. Pretty shocking. Well, not really — just keeping it real! Although, this does go to prove that excelling in homework two weeks in a row doesn't mean you're at the head of the class.

Up next week: "Sexuality"... rawwwr!

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07.25.2011 / 09:51 AM EDT by Maria Valiente
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