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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2011 Finale Speculation! Why Does Ashley Hebert Call Her Sister a Bitch?

It’s definitely a first to have a Bachelorette call her own sister a “bitch” on national TV, so obviously we can’t wait to find out why Ashley Hebert is dropping b-bombs on her tattooed sister, Chrystie Hebert Corns, in the Season 7 finale.

In the latest Bachelorette preview, it looks like Chrystie and the rest of the Heberts fly to Fiji and instantly take a “hell no” to one of Ashley’s finalists.

Ashley [crying to her sister]: "The first thing you say walking in here is like 'Oh he's not for you.'"

Chrystie: "I don't think he is."

Ashley [in a voice-over]: "My family's approval is really important and I'm devastated."

Then we see Ashley and Chrystie somewhere else, either continuing the same fight or fighting over something new.

Chrystie: "I'm trying to protect you from yourself."

Ashley: "Why can't you feel for me for a second? I'm trying to figure it out but you just come across like you're being such a bitch."

Rrrrarrr! In the end, Ashley says it’s her decision and she’s learned she has to trust her own feelings and she knows she made the right call.

So who are they fighting over? We predict JP Rosenbaum. He’s a bit older (he’s 34, she’s 26) and he may still be too scarred from his last breakup to truly move on with Ash. Does she stick up for Cupcake and live happily ever after?

Chrystie — who recently appeared on TLC’s Extreme Couponing — is on Twitter as @ccmaine and she’s been answering some friend and fan Q’s about what happens on the finale.

Check out these recent convos:

@JalensMama: Omg omg @ccmaine just got called a bitch on national TV!! :-)

@ccmaine: @JalensMama it gets so much worse :/

@LindaI26: @ccmaine Has your opinion changed after seeing the show of the 1 guy you didn't like for Ashley when you first met him? Do you like him now?

@ccmaine: @LindaI26 my opinion has changed :)

@PorcelainMonky: @ccmaine Love JP, but I am Team Ben.

@ccmaine: @PorcelainMonky Haha. I was team Ryan...but he's gone now :(

Hmmm. Besides the crush on Mr. Sunshine, the other (pleasant) surprise is that whoever Ashley’s sis disliked at first, she now does like — which is good since her sister seems to be engaged to him.

What’s your guess...

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07.25.2011 / 10:37 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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