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Spoiler: Will Lanie and Esposito Get Married?

Tamala Jones and Jon Huertas were on hand in the Castle press room at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 to give us all the juicy details about Lanie and Esposito's budding romance. Now that they're officially a couple, what can we expect from these lovebirds in Season 4? Drama, drama, and more drama. Move over Castle and Beckett!

According to Tamala, her new man's wandering eye is going to cause something a problem.

"You've seen in past episodes where he [Esposito] may be doing an interview at a crime scene and the witness is hot, and he's not really doing his job properly. He's eyeballing the body and asking questions to where Ryan has to come over and be like, 'Hey, dude. What are you doing?'" Tamala told Wetpaint Entertainment. "I think that Lanie happens to be at one of those crime scenes and she sees it. And it doesn't sit too nicely with her."

To be fair, though, Esposito's not the only instigator here. According to Jon Huertas, his gal's got a little case of wedding fever.

"Jenny and Ryan are getting married. I think that's going to influence Lanie a little bit. I think she's going to want to go down that same road. And I think Esposito still wants to, you know, take his time, see what's out there."

It's still super early in the relationship, so we're kind of with Jon on this one, even though Lanie is a serious hottie in scrubs. But don't worry if you're a Lanie/Esposito 'shipper — it looks like these two will make it through Season 4 hand-in-hand.

"There is some bumpiness this season," says Tamala, "but at the end of the day, we'll end up OK."