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Back in the Saddle! Listen to a Clip of Aerosmith’s New Song

Aerosmith is back, and it sounds like Steven Tyler’s famously feuding band is finally syncing up. Petty squabbles between Steven Tyler and lead guitarist Joe Perry have kept Aerosmith from successfully recording new material for a decade. But from the looks of some recently released studio footage, that’s all in the past. They’re actually getting along, and what’s more, they’re making some pretty great music.

In the video, you can hear Joe Perry talking about just how well he and Steven Tyler are playing together, with Joe on his guitar and Steven behind the drum kit. Said Joe, “The first song that we put together yesterday, we didn’t use a click track and it does not move out of range. It’s unbelievable, it’s scary… so locked, it’s unbelievable.”

Of course Aerosmith wouldn’t be Aerosmith without a little (ahem) friendly dialogue, and Steven snaps back at Joe, “That’s cause you’re playing with me!” But Joe gives as good as he takes, coming back with, “Well, we’re playing off each other.” Steven agrees right away, saying, “Playing off each other, damn right! When that happens, it’s like ‘Whoa!’”

“Whoa!” indeed. We’re glad the boys are putting differences aside to finally create some new Aerosmith tracks. Exciting stuff!

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

07.27.2011 / 04:59 AM EDT by David Connell
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