Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Two Good Ideas for Dancing With the Stars
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Dancing With The Stars

Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Two Good Ideas for Dancing With the Stars

We loved playing "Spot Jamie Lee Curtis" in the audience during Dancing With the Stars Season 11. She was there every week to cheer on her friend and eventual winner, Jennifer Grey. Tom Bergeron even said Jamie Lee’s boos against Jen's "low" scores launched the "BooGate" incident with Sarah Palin.

We've been gunning to get Jamie Lee off the sidelines and into the ring, but she's turned down DWTS in the past and she told E! Online she's in no rush to change her mind.

"Never in a million years," Jamie Lee told E! at Global Green's 15th Annual Millennium Awards in Santa Monica. "I'll tell you how I would do Dancing With the Stars. If they gave me a million dollars to give to charity... I would only do it if there was a big charity component."

That's a little bit higher than the usual salary, but if they really do want to start drawing A-list talent, maybe this is what they need to do.

But if not, Jamie Lee has another DWTS idea that sounds great — and a few folks on Wetpaint Entertainment's DWTS Facebook page have mentioned this one before.

"They've just done 12 seasons, I think they should now take all the twelve winners and do a season," she said. "They should do a Dancing All-Stars where they bring back everyone who won and make sure that they are not paired with any of the same people they were paired with originally."

We're in!

Source: E! Online