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True Blood

Sookie and Eric’s Shower Scene: All the Spoilery Details About Their Steamy Encounter!

Now that Sookie and Eric have gotten physical, we’re eager to know if they’ll take their relationship to the next level and feel each other up in the shower. Fans of The Southern Vampire Mysteries know that in the fourth book, “Dead To The World,” Sookie and Eric have a wet n’ wild fangbang that hits Sookie and Bill’s shower scene out of the ballpark.

We’ve been fearful that Alan Ball would reject Sookie and Eric’s soapy fun (since Bill and Sookie already jumped each other’s bloody bones in the shower last season), but our fears have officially been assuaged!

In an interview with TV Line, Alan said, “There is a shower scene. But it is not a direct re-enactment of the shower scene in the book. It goes to a slightly different place. Sookie and Eric are in the shower together. Everybody who’s been waiting for Sookie and Eric to hook up, this will be a very good season for them.”

Sounds ... vague. Luckily, Alan recently revealed a few more sexy details at the True Blood Comic-Con 2011 panel, “There will be a moment in the show when Sookie and Eric will be in a shower. It may not be exactly what happened in the books. It may be weirder and dirtier.”

For those of you haven’t read the book, here’s what Alan is describing as LESS weird than what he has planned for True Blood:

"While I stood stock-still, paralyzed by conflicting waves of emotion, Eric took the soap out of my hands and lathered up his own, set the soap back in its little niche, and began to wash my arms, raising each in turn to stroke my armpit down my side, never touching my breasts, which were practically quivering like puppies who wanted to be petted."

Wow. We can’t wait to see how Alan tops that poetic piece of prose!