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The Bachelor

Bachelor Rumors! Is Brad Womack Still Reeling From Breakup With Emily Maynard?

Here you thought the drama about Brad and Emily was over... Well, you were wrong! Brad’s ex, Laurel Kagay, recently talked to Life & Style about how Brad is still really upset.

“He’s depressed about the whole situation,” Laurel told Life & Style (via Hollywood Life). “He hardly leaves his house. Literally nobody sees him.”

According to one of Brad’s other nameless “friends,” Brad is upset that Emily talked to Chris Harrison to discuss their breakup, even though both Em and the Rosemaster said they spoke with Brad’s blessing.

“That relationship meant everything to him,” the friend said. “He thought it was the real thing, so he would have never agreed to go on a show and talk about why it didn’t work.” Not only that, “Brad’s telling anyone who will listen that Emily is lying and not to feel bad for her. He wants people to know the truth.”

If he really wanted people to know the truth — the truth is “Emily is lying” — why would he give a statement to People magazine saying the split was “completely my fault”? That’s the only thing Brad has said publicly.

Chances are he’s genuinely upset about losing Em — why wouldn’t he be — but also embarrassed about being the only two-time Bachelor and striking out both times. Meanwhile, Emily was just spotted partying with Holly Madison in Las Vegas. If every relationship has a winner and loser, these battle lines are clear.

Source: Hollywood Life

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