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Jersey Shore

Britney Spears Admits Jersey Shore Is Her Guilty Pleasure

Britney Spears has teamed up with Pauly D for an upcoming leg of her Femme Fatale Tour, and she coyly admitted that she may know a thing or two about that Jersey Shore gig he has going for him.

"I've seen two or three episodes; it's cool," she vaguely acknowledges. "It's a guilty pleasure." Why so shy, Brit-Brit? Is liking Jersey Shore bad for your squeaky-clean image? We certainly aren't judging.

Luckily, it sounds like Britney's fans are familiar with beating up the beat, so they’ll love the musical stylings of DJ Pauly D. "The crowds have been so good each night and that gives you the adrenaline you need to get through the show. It just pumps you up. Every night is a blast," says Brit of her non-stop tour schedule and adoring fans. And who better to pump up a crowd that the king of fist-pumping himself?

We wonder if the rest of the cast will score some VIP tickets to a performance to support their boy Pauly. Can you imagine Britney meeting MVP all at once?

Source: PopDash