Entourage: The Movie — Coming Soon?
Credit: Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images    
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Entourage: The Movie — Coming Soon?

We're not gonna lie, we’re getting a little misty as HBO's Entourage enters its eighth and final season. What will our Sunday nights be without our favorite showbiz bros huggin' it out and living large in LA? But it seems the Hollywood ending may not be approaching as soon as we thought.

At the show’s panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, creator Doug Ellin and producer Mark Wahlberg made it know that they are intent on continuing the story and taking Entourage to the big screen. "I certainly hope it has a chance to become a feature film," Mark said, later adding he’d even pay for the whole thing out of his pocket! We’d put our checkbook away if we were you, Marky-Mark — with a show as long-running and successful as Entourage, we’re sure you’ll have no problem getting the bigwigs to back a film.

Fellow producer Doug went on to say that there’s no doubt in his mind: Entourage will be a movie. "We’re going to do it," he said. "It’s just a question of when and how."

Looks like everything will work out for the boys after all.