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The Vampire Diaries

Spoilers! Vampire Diaries Is Looking to Cast a Sexy Witch in Her 60s

Mystic Falls is getting crowded! According to SpoilerTV, The Vampire Diaries is casting another new face, but this time it’s a female — and a witch.

The latest addition is named Gloria and although she’s in her 60s, she’s supposedly still uber-sexy — but only because the witch has the very special ability to slow down the aging process. Um, where can we sign up for that magical power?

We’ll first see Gloria when Stefan and Klaus track her down at the swanky bar she owns to ask for her help. While she recalls Stefan’s face, she’s more shocked to see Klaus (and, uh, who wouldn’t be?) Unfortunately for the bad boys, Gloria doesn’t agree to lend them a hand and kicks the devilish duo back out on the streets. Later, Damon goes to the same bar and chats with Gloria about what’s really going on with Stefan (e.g., that he’s become a maniacal, bloodsucking badass... not unlike someone else we know).

Another fun tidbit? Gloria just might have her own plan up that witchy sleeve of hers.

Source: SpoilerTV

07.29.2011 / 02:45 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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