Stephen Moyer: Bill Will Regain Sookie’s Respect
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True Blood

Stephen Moyer: Bill Will Regain Sookie’s Respect

Attention Bill/Sookie ‘shippers: we may have some good news for you! During the True Blood panel at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, Stephen Moyer dished about the newly-crowned king vamp’s arc for the remainder of Season 4.

“He has to make very powerful choices while letting go of the thing he loves,” Stephen told critics during the session, which also included co-star/wife Anna Paquin and show creator Alan Ball. We’re assuming he’s referring to how much of a total jerkface he was to Sookie in Season 2. (Seriously, there’s hurting someone to save them, but you don’t have to [fill in with something mean Bill did to Sookie.], Bill!)

But even though the vamp/fairy power couple are on the outs right now, Stephen says there may be hope for this relationship in coming episodes. “In a way, bill gets to be someone [Sookie] respects again because of the choices he makes as king.” Will Bill redeem himself so we can actually root for him and Miss Stackhouse again? Well, if not, we think we know of a certain vamp with amnesia who’s more than willing to keep her company.

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