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The Bachelorette

Recap of The Bachelorette Season 7 Men Tell All: Everyone Loves Ames! William and Bentley? Not So Much

This season’s Men Tell All special was worth watching for two main reasons: The amazing extended Bachelor Pad 2 preview and the always engaging bloopers reel — featuring insects on the attack and Chris Harrison zipping his fly after a rose ceremony.

Other than that, The Bachelorette Season 7 MTA has a couple of exciting moments, but it’s mostly just a chance for the returning bachelors to score points off each other and try to curry favor with the “live” female audience. Bashing Bentley Williams certain does the trick, but bashing William Holman also seems to be on the menu. The guys go pretty easy on Ryan Park, except for Blake Julian who is just on a roll, slashing and burning everyone (and he seems to tick off a few more people on Bachelor Pad 2).

Read on for a full recap of the reunion special, in which Ames Brown is a clear audience favorite:


At the start of the MTA, Chris Harrison sits down with Ashley Hebert for a recap of her highlights from the season… but it’s a taped segment. Why couldn’t they just have this chat in front of the audience?

They discuss the fan outcry over Bentley, even though we know we’re going to have to hear more about it later — and he won’t be there to share his side of things. Chris wants to know how they can help people understand what was going on with Bentley. She says she never knew what was going on. “It actually hurts me that people can be so negative.”


• During Ashley’s first fireside date with JP, he accidentally broke the entertainment center and they couldn’t get the DVD player to work. “To top it off, I fell asleep on him.” That last part sounds pretty good, actually.

• During the Jabbawockeez auditions, Ames started ballroom dancing with one of the pro dancers.

• In Vegas, Mickey had to wear a snug harness not meant for a man while hanging in the air. “My manhood is in my stomach.”

• While traveling overseas, Ames and Ashley ate larva and crickets. Ames, of course, said he’s eaten larva before. Ashley and Ben had trouble eating rice in Thailand.

• Ashley and Ryan did Tai Chi in Taiwan and Ashley got a toe cramp. What is it with Ashley’s toes this season? Tanner Pope really should’ve been a contestant.

• When Bentley returned in Hong Kong, viewers noticed an apple and orange flanking a banana. Nudge nudge wink wink. Chris says he thinks some crew members were just trying to be cute.

• When Ashley crawled into bed in one scene, viewers noticed a jar of Vaseline on the bedstand. Turns out, Ashley loves to rub Vaseline on her lips and on the outside of her mouth. “You don’t want to sleep next to me, that’s all I’m saying.” Gotcha.



Kasey Kahl: “You’re not a good person, Jake.”

Jake Pavelka to Ames Brown: “Nobody in that room likes me.”

Vienna Girardi: “You don’t know who a person really is until the doors are closed.”

Ella Nolan to Vienna: “Are you trying to screw things up with me, because I will punch you in the face over and over and over again until I break your frickin’ nose.”

Delicious! There’s a lot more, but you’re going to have to come back and read all the quotes tomorrow, ‘cause they’d take up the whole article. Can’t wait for the show to start next Monday!


All the Season 7 bachelors are out and finally ready to tell all. After the intro with some recaps, we get into Ben Castoriano vs. William Holman, based on William ratting Bency out on the 2-on-1 date.

William says he heard Ben talking to JP, asking if he had gone on a certain website. (JDate) No one seems to believe poor William even though that sounds specific enough to have some truth to it.

Nick Peterson wants to know why William brought it up. He said to protect Ashley. Nick says that’s not true, he just wanted to protect himself.

Ben wants to clarify: “If William really wanted to convey to Ashley some real information about my feelings to Ashley, then he would’ve told her ‘Ben said this about you about your feelings for you.’ This minor joke that he overheard, that’s not protecting Ashley. That was purely designed as some kind of undercut.”

The audience applauds that. Chris Harrison asks if William would change things if he went back. He wouldn’t change anything. Ashley asked for his honest opinion. He talked about all the guys and Bency just stood out.

Now Blake Julian and Constantine Tzortzis are piling on William because he was “in a hole” after the comedy roast in Vegas.

Mickey McLean makes a good point, asking William if he himself had said anything in the house that he wouldn’t want to get back to Ashley. William said yes. More clapping.

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    


Lucas Daniels thought Ryan Park was putting on a show, since he was too much. “I kind of consider you kind of like a camp counselor.” West Lee said Ryan is the human equivalent of a puppy.

Nick wants to know why Blake went to Ashley to rat Ryan out, saying it’s the same as William going to Ashley and ratting Bency out. For some reason, we don’t hear any response to this.


Jeff Medolla just thought it would be hilarious to wear a mask. Chris Drish thinks Jeff is an idiot for wearing a mask. Nick stands up and makes a speech saying if he thought Jeff’s move was so stupid he should’ve patted Jeff on the back saying “keep it up.”


It’s his turn to be roasted. He plugs his ears when they show the video playback of his roasting Ashley. He said he watched the first episode of the show, but after that he couldn’t watch it.

William: “I did make an ass of myself. I can’t change what happened I can only change myself going forward.”

He wishes he had been more tasteful during the roast, roasting the other guys instead of Ashley.

Why is Nick playing Rosemaster from the audience? He keeps piping in with questions. Nick wants to know who William wanted as Bachelorette. William said he was happy with Ashley.

Nick: “Why are we here?”
William: “‘Cause none of us can find a girl to date. ‘Cause we’re all single.”

Ha! Chris wonders why he didn’t have lines like that during the roast. He put Nick in his place, which the real Rosemaster loved.


Chris says for a guy who was supposedly annoying for being so happy, he had one of the most emotional exits. Ryan thinks he got the short end of the stick since guys like JP and Ben had two dates before he even had one date.

Blake plays devil’s advocate. He thinks he had roughly the same amount of time with Ashely as he did. He’s surprised by how devastated Ryan seemed about losing Ashley and he wonders if Ryan just wanted love, not necessarily love with Ashley.

Ryan says before he went on the show he bought multiple books — a book on questions to ask before you get engaged, a book with questions to ask before you get married, and book of fabulous questions. He read them cover to cover and made pages upon pages of notes.

Love West mouthing “What?” from the audience. Exactly. Love is a math test!

Where is Chris asking Ryan point-blank if he wants to be the next Bachelor?


Finally we hear from Ames Brown, who is a fan favorite and also a favorite with the guys. The audience adores him. Chris says they may have to restrain some women there. Ames doesn’t understand the appeal.

Ames said he really saw himself with Ashley, but his experience made him a better person and he’s just grateful to know her. They talk about how he got his arse kicked in the Muay Thai ring.

Ames: “I just can’t imagine, as part of my romantic journey, pummeling some other guy to get the woman that I’m falling in love with.”

True. Ryan apologizes for knocking him out. Chris gives Ames a gift — hot pink boxing gloves!

Ames will also be on Bachelor Pad 2 and earlier we saw the clips of him sucking face with Jackie Gordon. In the same sneak peek, Michelle Money mentioned Ames and Jackie as a strong couple. It’s too bad he can’t talk about that now.


Chris thinks all of America has been wanting to talk about this. Wrong. Like Ashley, we want to move on. But we can’t. The audience boos at his name and then we have to watch his journey on the show again.

Chris says they did invite Bentley to come there and they worked hard to make it happen since he should be able to explain himself, but he declined.

Tim thinks it’s crappy for someone to come in with a game plan like that. Nick also thinks it screws over all the guys to take time away from them when Bentley never cared about her to begin with.

Blake never seems to like anyone so it’s no shock to hear him jump in.

Blake: “I wasn’t a big fan of Bentley in the house to begin with, but after watching everything that happened, what he did to Ashley was terrible. To look at someone who potentially people are really trying to create a connection with and he just completely trashes it and laughs at it. And knowing that she’s going to watch this? It’s a terrible display of humanity. He’s a narcissist, a liar and a coward.”

Mickey: “Karma’s a bitch, my friend.”

Lucas can’t believe anyone would treat a woman, or just a person, like that.

Chris said for the first time they had information on Bentley before the season even started. Michelle Money, who was in the audience promoting Bachelor Pad, heads to the hot seat to talk about how she sent Ashley text messages about Bentley.

Michelle admits it’s hard because you never know what’s true or not true. But the information she was given was valid enough and hurtful enough that she made the decision to tell Ashley, because she would want to know herself in that position. Michelle got info from Bentley’s ex-wife. He was there to promote his business. He wasn’t interested in Ashley. He was only going to stay a week. “But I think it was more of a game for him. I don’t think it had anything to do with his business.”

Michelle wonders if she hadn’t sent those texts, would Ashley have been so drawn to him? We all want what we can’t have. And Bentley is a charmer. Chris thinks Ashley was unfairly criticized for the Bentley decisions. But wasn’t he one of the people who criticized her, saying he and the producers gave her plenty of information and she ignored it? He’s not innocent in this either.

Chris D., who had almost no role on the show to begin with, is upset with Bentley for calling the guys tools for believing he was going home to be with his daughter. “I can think of three words to say to him ‘Go f--k yourself.’”


She looks hot in a tight black one-shoulder dress. She’s glad the season is coming to a close. She’s had moments of feeling on top of the world and moments of feeling really bad.

What’s been the lowest point? “I think seeing how everybody reacted to everything that happened with Bentley. … And figuring it out when everyone else did and feeling like a fool. … Just being played on national television, being called an ugly duckling and people being really hard on me.”

She gets emotional and tears up. “The hardest part is seeing how much time I wasted.”

Ashley asks the guys to forgive her. She understands how angry they got at times. She’s so glad they were a part of this and came today.

Blake weighs in again, saying when she used the poor choice of words to say she had fallen for someone — Bentley — after such a short period of time, it made him feel foolish too. But he’s happy that she’s happy now.

Ashley did want to clarify her poor choice of words. She said she was falling for Bentley but she was just saying there was some potential for something.

Ryan thanks Ashley for the time they were able to be together. Ashley is excited to see Tim. It’s like they never met before. He also apologizes to her. He let her and himself down. He doesn’t think she looked foolish. He’s also rooting for the guy from New York. (JP!)


The veterans are trotted out to explain to the unwashed masses how hard it is to be The Bachelor and Bachelorette.

Season 6 Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky, Season 4 Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas, and Season 13 Bachelor Jason Mesnick all come out and share their experiences.

Ali says she was also nervous, on her season, wondering if the guys would like her. She felt like a normal girl and never felt sexy or desirable. “You know what, it only takes one guy. And that one guy I found. And I hope you found that one guy.”

DeAnna says people don’t understand how hard it is to send someone home that you care about. Only the end product matters and even though she’s not with the guy she picked (Jesse Csincsak), through the show she met her fiance (Stephen Stagliano).

Jason says it’s a roller coaster. It hurts. You’re happy. It hurts. You’re happy. He recalled going on a date with his current wife Molly and wondering if she even liked him. He told producers she was either not into him or just uncomfortable on camera.

Ashley said everything that happened was hard, but it got her to where she’s at right now so she would do it all over again.

Ali defends how Ashley handled the Bentley dumping. Can someone please call out the producers for not defending her? DeAnna said when Ashley dumped Bentley she stood up and cheered.


DeAnna is right — the bloopers are always the best part of the “Tell All” specials.

Mickey: “I may have peed myself.” He also slips and falls in Vegas. Did he get trashed?

There are always a lot of bugs and animals attacking in these clips.

Ben F. and Ryan make fun of Ames as robotic.

LOVE watching the Rosemaster zip up after a rose ceremony.


They recap the journeys of Ben Flajnik and JP Rosenbaum on The Bachelorette as a teaser for tomorrow’s finale.

Chris: “Are you at least happy?”
Ashley: “Very, very happy.”


Jeff agrees to auction off his infamous mask for charity. Ames almost gets it for $1,500 but a lady in the audience outbids him with $2,000 — all going to the Baan San Fan orphanage, which they visited in Phuket, Thailand. The lady tries it on. What if Jeff never washed it?

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