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Secret Life of the American Teenager

7 Biggest WTF Moments From Secret Life Season 4, Episode 8: “Dancing With The Stars”

Do you love Secret Life of the American Teenager unconditionally? So do we! But sometimes we scratch out heads and go: “What the whaaaa?” If you ended this episode filled with Secret Life joy, but also some mild confusion about certain teens and their sexy antics, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up the biggest WTF moments from season 4.8, “Dancing With The Stars!”

1. Is Kathleen the worst parent ever? It was bad enough when Kathleen let her daughter’s de-virginizer move in to their guest house, but then she took it up a notch and stuck him in the bedroom right next to Grace, knowing that he wants nothing more than to get into her red hot panties again! And now? Well, now Kathleen is letting Grace’s college-aged boyfriend spend the night in her bed. It’s like she wants Cookie to end up taking a DNA test on Jerry Springer.

2. What’s the deal with Amy’s voice? Clearly, Shailene Woodley was suffering from a major case of laryngitis during this episode, and the Secret Life producers would prefer us to think she’s morphing into an 80-year-old chain smoker rather than just re-shoot her scenes.

3. Did Amy see Ruben’s junk? Secret Life blows us away time and time again with it’s WTF-ness, but this moment was full-blown AYKMWTS. Only in preggers city could you innocently go home to fold laundry to find your frenemy’s dad pants-less in your kitchen. Thank goodness we didn’t see Ruben’s danger zone! Too bad the same can’t be said for poor, innocent Amy.

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4. Uhhh, kids love sausage and cookies? In the world of Secret Life (as demonstrated by Rachel’s adorable children), kids hate clowns and love sausage, cookies, and playing poker.

5. Has Jack ever heard of boundaries? We know Grace gets her good looks from Kathleen, but really, Jack? Telling your ex-girlfriend that you’re in love with her and then asking her mom to senior prom within the space of three weeks is just thumbs down.

6. Amy watches Ricky sleep? So, Ricky’s taking yet another one of his unexplained daytime naps, while Amy sits on the bed beside in silence watching him snooze. What’s wrong with this picture? Everything.

7. Should Lauren audition for High School Musical? What’s with Amy’s friends being secret song-birds? First Madison flexed her vocal chords during Leo and Betty’s wedding, and now Lauren’s bursting into song for no apparent reason while taking care of a sleeping toddler. Explain yourself, Secret Life, otherwise we’re going to assume our favorite show is going Glee on us.

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