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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life of the American Teenager Recap of Season 4, Episode 8: ”Dancing With The Stars!”

Who Danced the Night Away at Senior Prom?

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel    

What do you get when you put a bunch of hot studs, sexy ladies and raging hormones in the same room? Secret Life of The American Teenager's senior prom! Our favorite television biffles stepped into their glitziest pumps and shortest dresses, and danced the night away during Grant High’s senior dance sextravaganza!

Find out who hooked up and who got totally krunk on the dance floor (hint: nobody) in episode 4.8 “Dancing With The Stars” with Wetpaint Entertainment’s super fab recap!

The Devil Wears Prada

Grant High is buzzing in anticipation about senior prom, and there’s one thing on everyone’s minds: who will score a hot date to the biggest night of the year?! Amy wants her baby daddy to ask her to the dance, but you know Ricky — he likes to bump and grind in the privacy of his own home. Ricky initially rejects Amy’s invite to prom, but it only takes a few pouty faces (and god knows what in the bedroom) to get him to change his mind.

Amy heads over to her house to do laundry and runs into a half naked Ruben, who’s crashing at the Juergens’ because Cindy locked him out during a fight (just go with it). Ruben heads home to make up with his wifey, and Amy recovers from temporary blindness only to have Adrian swing by and accidentally reveal her plan to get pregnant again. Can’t a girl just fold her laundry in peace?

Amy tells Ricky about Adrian’s plot to preggo her eggo, but he doesn’t seem too fazed. He does, however, agree to take her to the dance just to shut her up.

Credit: ABC Family    

Meanwhile, Adrian convinces Ben to go to prom as part of her plan to get knocked up (it won’t be the first time someone’s gotten pregnant from slow dancing with a sausage prince), and they agree that it wouldn’t be that terrible if they had sex. Um, Ben? Have you forgotten about, you know, that time last week when you told Adrian you hated everything about her, including doing the nasty?

Over at Kathleen’s House Of Hot Underage Boys, Jack is desperate to find a date to prom, but Grace is too busy entertaining cute men in her bedroom to be his platonic date. She agrees to throw him a bone(r) and fix him up with one of her besties, but that doesn’t stop Jack from asking .... Grace’s mom. Yes, you read that right. We know Kathleen’s a MILF, but dating your girlfriend’s mom is just tacky. Not to mention, gross, wrong, disgusting and 100 percent illegal. Epic fail, Jack.


Ricky’s upset when he finds out about Nora’s recent boozehounding, but she seems perfectly happy chain-smoking outside the sausage shop and getting drunk with teenagers. Meanwhile, Leo stops by Ben’s apartment to ask him WTF happened between him and Nora, and reveals to his wife/Ben’s mom was an alcoholic. So sausage and wine run in this family?

Credit: ABC Family    

Back at the butcher shop, Nora escapes her work shift to get drunk on a bus, and ends up passed out on Ben’s bed (again). When Ben finds her, they have their very own AA meeting, which is various shades of weird, but we’re going to go ahead and suspend our disbelief on this one.

Meanwhile, Ricky stops by Leo’s house to beg for his mom’s job back, and ends up telling him about Adrian’s plan to fill her panties with sausage. At least Ben and Nora’s hang sesh did some good, ‘cause by the time senior prom rolls around, she’s back at AA!

Over in Grace’s pool house, Tom is desperate to dump Rachel’s ass, so he invites his boss, Milton, over for a play date. Of course, Milton shows up dressed as a clown (because that’s normal) and scares the children to death, before corrupting their young minds with a game of poker. Apparently, this kind of behavior is sexy, because Rachel agrees to go on a real date with him!

Dancing With the Stars!

Prom night is finally here, and it delivers on the drama big time. Daniel makes the mistake of letting Jack and Grace go to the dance “as friends,” but considering that Daniel and Grace have decided not to have sex, you’d think he’d know better. Cookie has a fever and the only prescription is doing the dirty with whoever is willing and able.

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel    

As Grace, Jack and Daniel love-triangle the night away, Ricky and Amy slow dance, and Ricky tells Amy that he’s always had feelings for her, even at band camp. Awww, we knew these two were destined!

Across the dance floor, Adrian and Ben sway back and forth in each other’s arms and talk about whether or not they’re going to have sex. Ben tries to resist, but we have a feeling that by this time next week, Adrian will be peeing on a stick in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Lauren’s in the middle of babysitting John so Ramy can get frisky on the dance floor, when her ex-flame Jesse stops by to keep her company. Apparently, his unexpected visit inspires her so much that she breaks out into an a capella version of “Is this Love” by Bob Marley. No, no, don’t question it. Just close your eyes and let the WTF vibrations flow. C’mon, Secret Lifers: Didn’t you know that when Lauren isn’t busy making quippy remarks and being otherwise adorable, she flexes her vocal skills during babysitting gigs?

So, who do you think hooked up on prom night? Find out during all new Secret Life of the American Teenager next week!

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