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True Blood

Top 5 OMG Moments From True Blood Season 4, Episode 6: “I Wish I Was the Moon”

Well, we all know what’s at the top of the list this week: the biggest OMFG in True Blood history, aka Eric and Sookie’s first rendez-do! Everything else pales in comparison, but we’ve still managed to round up five moments from Episode 4.6, “I Wish I Was the Moon,” that will make you spit out your Tru Blood in shock! Not gonna lie, two out of five involve Sookie and Eric swapping saliva.

1. Sookie and Eric Bang Fangs! In the most poetic, beautiful, it hurts so good, way ever. It’s tender, it’s romantic, and it’s sexy as hell. Plus, let’s not forget that Eric has the mind of a virgin and the body of a sexpert. Basically, he’s Jessica Simpson circa 2001. There’s no way he wasn’t shedding emo tears while giving Sookie the Viking ride of her life.

2. Bill and Eric Fight! It was only a matter of time before Bill and Eric had a bro-off, and — surprise, surprise — Eric totally owned Bill. If Bill’s trying to win Sookie back, getting his royal butt beaten by a six foot tall sex lord is not the way to do it. Maybe next time he should challenge Eric to a piano showdown. The song? "Hard Hearted Hanna," duh.

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3. Tommy Morphs Into Sam! The only thing hotter than Sam? Sam as a tormented jerk with a badass I-got-shot-in-the-leg limp. Too bad Luna jumped into the sack with the wrong guy; though really, who can blame her? Tommy knows how to charm a lady into popping open her blouse — well, when he’s not busy passing out in his own vomit, that is.

4. Marnie and Antonia Make It Official! Now that Marnie is possessed with the spirit of Antonia, she can finally file her nails down and stop clawing at herself. We were seriously concerned about the state of her manicure — blood so doesn’t go with french tips. Time to start thinking of shipper names, Truebies. We’ll put Antonarnie and Marnonia on the table, but we’re open to suggestions.

5. Eric Admits His Love for Sookie! We’ve always suspected that Eric was head over fangs for the Sookster, but when he finally admitted his feelings to Bill, it was almost as wonderful as if he dropped the L-word on us, his loyal Truebies. Don’t worry, that’s what fan fiction is for.

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