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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison’s Bachelorette Finale Blog: It Seemed Obvious JP Was the One All Along

The Rosemaster has a super-sized final blog for the super-sized two-night Bachelorette finale. Chris Harrison weighs in on Season 7’s Men Tell All special, the dramatic finale where Ashley Hebert picked JP “Cupcake” Rosenbaum, and the After the Final Rose special where Ben Flajnik looked like he wanted to be anywhere else and Ashley’s sister officially endorsed Team Cupcake.

Here are highlights from Chris’s last Entertainment Weekly blog on Ashley’s season:

He wants the 411 from Bentley: "I would very much like to sit down and interview him. I have a standing invitation out to him that I will interview him anywhere and anytime he wants. As anybody that’s ever been on this show will tell you, I will give him a very fair interview. I’m really not looking to bury the guy. What’s done is done! I just want to find out his motivation and what he thinks about his actions now and how they’ve affected his life."

Tim is awesome … when sober: “One of my favorite parts of the Tell All was talking to Tim. I really like this guy. In my opinion he did exactly what you should when you make an ass of yourself: Have a good laugh and apologize for your actions. He was extremely funny, self-deprecating, and respectful to Ashley. He also gave us some great color commentary on everything that went on this season. I know it’s a bit ironic but he’s the kind of guy you’d like to have a drink with — but just a couple, Tim.”

Everyone loves Ames: “As for those that joined me in the hot seat, Ames definitely got the most attention from the studio audience. They went absolutely nuts for the guy. I walk around and talk to the folks while we’re in commercial breaks to say hello and he was easily the most popular.”

How it feels to walk a reject down the aisle: “People often ask what it’s like to welcome the person to the final rose ceremony who’s not getting the final rose. Of course I know Ashley’s decision ahead of time, and I’ll be honest — it sucks. It’s by far my least favorite part of hosting this show. I’ve gotten to know these guys and hate walking someone down a path that is only going to lead to a rejection. But I know as tough as it is for me it’s a thousand times harder for Ashley to have to stand there and watch a man she really respects get down on one knee and propose, only to tell him he’s not the one.”

Ben had the most honest rejection reaction: “I want to talk about Ben’s reaction once he was rejected. I thought it was the most honest sincere reaction we’ve ever had on this show. I know most people want to take the moral high road when they are rejected on TV but I always thought if I was in that position I would be angry and resentful and that’s exactly what Ben expressed. I loved his line good things don’t end happily, it can only end badly and it did. Even at the After the Final Rose special Ben was still upset and a bit resentful at Ashley. To me this really rings true. This is how I think most of us would feel. I found it refreshing to see someone that wasn’t scared or ashamed to show his true feelings.”

It was always going to be JP: “I was talking to Ashley and JP at the AFR special and we all agreed that to us, it seemed obvious he was the one all along. It always seems like that to me because once you know what happens, things really stand out more. Their relationship and chemistry together was different than anybody else from their first date back at her house the night Bentley left. I have seen this couple together on and off camera and their love for each other is undeniable.”

We hope it lasts. Stay strong, Team Cupcake!

Source: Entertaintment Weekly

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