Exclusive! Lisa Vanderpump Says Season 2 Was Emotionally Devastating
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Exclusive! Lisa Vanderpump Says Season 2 Was Emotionally Devastating

Get ready for some heavy drama in Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! We chatted with our favorite witty Brit, Lisa Vanderpump, at the 2011 TCA Summer Press Tour about pot-stirring, backstabbing, and of course, that absolutely explosive trailer. Find out why the typically drama-proof Lisa calls this season “emotionally devastating” — and whether she’ll be up for another round of Housewives!

Wetpaint Entertainment: We were surprised in the Season 2 trailer to see normally level-headed Adrienne Maloof talking about you behind your back and saying you “stirred the pot.” What did you make of that when you saw it?

Lisa Vanderpump: I didn’t understand that. I’m sure it will become clear. It sounded pretty negative to me. I never said anything negative about Adrienne, so I don’t know where she got that from. She's entitled to her feelings.

It was surprising because you, too, normally stay above the fray you make your witty little comments but...
I try to call it how it is without being a bitch. And if that's what Adrienne calls 'stirring the pot', then yeah. I mean, I see things very differently from her — I always try to see the funnier side of things. But a lot of times, in this season, there wasn't one.

We see a little bit of Cedric in the trailer does he play a role at all this season?
He's not involved very much at all — you'll see. But there was a confrontation, and the cameras were lucky enough to be there.

Exclusive! Lisa Vanderpump Says Season 2 Was Emotionally Devastating
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Do you think there's any chance for a reconciliation between you two?
I felt like I invested so much, and really treated him like family. And to have been put through what he did... I think the one thing I require is loyalty. And when you don't have that, and you have someone living in your house, and a lot of the lies that were manufactured — no. No, there's no going back for me.

How does Cedric's friendship with newcomer Brandi Glanville affect things? That had to be weird.
You're going to have to watch the show! If I told you, it would be like opening a gift before Christmas! But it was more emotional this season, and I think it was more intense this season than it was last year.

If there was one word you could use to describe Season 2, What would it be?
Devastation. For me. Emotional devastation. Spiraling down in life, out of control.

Yikes, that sounds pretty traumatic! Given that, at this point, do you think you'd consider coming back for a Season 3?
Oh, I cannot even think about it. You know, we haven't even quite finished off this season. To think about a third season... I don't think I have the strength, emotionally or physically, to do it. But it's a like a school trip — I mean, if [the rest of the cast is] all going on the trip and I'm going to be left behind come Season 3, then we'll see.