OMG! Sammi and Ronnie Share a Goodbye Kiss
Credit: Charlie Ans /Allison Splash News    
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Jersey Shore

OMG! Sammi and Ronnie Share a Goodbye Kiss

The Jersey Shore cast headed home this week after finally wrapping Season 5. The macaroni rascals had a particularly grueling shooting schedule this go-around, having to shoot two seasons back-to-back, with only a few days break in between.

Despite the stress of filming for three months straight, Sammi and Ronnie seem to have found the light at the end of their tumultuous relationship tunnel — they were spotted smooching lovingly good-bye upon leaving the Shore house. It looks like we won't be seeing another tense farewell episode at the close of Season 5 like we did in Miami.

But if you're craving SamRon drama, worry not: There's still a fistfight between The Situation and Ron in Season 4, supposedly over SamRon's relationship.

Well, the surprise is ruined if we already know they're going to kiss and make up...

Source: Daily Mail