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Secret Life of the American Teenager

You Tell Us: Who Was The Cutest Couple at The Senior Dance?

We’re not gonna lie: We sort of wish the night of the senior dance had lasted longer than five minutes. Then again, those five minutes were what Secret Life of the American Teenager dreams are made of. Grace was pretty in pink, Adrian was dressed to the nines and Ricky proved that even bad boys look good in a suit and tie. But which couple knocked your socks off on the dance floor?

Jack and Grace might be broken up, but they make the perfect couple. They’re just so good looking! And then there was Adrian and Ben, who managed to be cute even though they’re going through a divorce (or a hook up? It’s hard to tell). But Ricky and Amy might just take the cake in this couple-off! They have it all: sexy style, sick dance moves, and freakish good looks.