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The Bachelorette

D’oh! Ali and Roberto Postpone Wedding Date Due to Injury

Ugh! Never mind rain, Alanis Morissette should’ve sung about injured femurs on your wedding day. Ali Fedotowsky has passed her Bachelorette crown to Ashley Hebert, but she and fiance Roberto Martinez are still waiting for their own love story to hit the next benchmark. And — surprise! — it was supposed to happen already.

"We had a date set, and that date has now passed," Ali told People Magazine on Tuesday. "The decision to postpone [the wedding] was very difficult. I definitely shed some tears."

Accident-prone Ali had surgery in July on her injured femur and since, “I don’t want to limp down the aisle,” she’s pushing back the big day. However, she and Roberto spent what would’ve been their wedding day just hanging out together and, "It was one of the best days we've had, just me and him.”

To Ali, getting married is really just another ring and a piece of paper. "In my mind, Roberto is my husband," she said. "We live together; we do everything together; we plan for the future together; we fight just like a good old married couple.”

So cute!

Source: People

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