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The Bachelor

Bachelor Couple Jason and Molly’s Advice to Ashley and JP: “Focus On Each Other”

Jason and Molly Mesnick are glad they went through their painful Bachelor Season 13 drama back in The Stone Age of 2009. The main reason? Media attention “is a lot worse now,” Molly tells People magazine.

Now happily married, she and Jason dealt with more than their share of scrutiny after his post-finale flip-flop, but nowadays “the show is on the covers of magazines every single week and it's lies after lies after lies just to sell these magazines,” says Molly. Her advice to the new kids on the block, Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and her fiance JP Rosenbaum? “Focus on each other. That’s what’s important.”

Jason adds, "Don't rush. Just because you met on a TV show and just because you now have a ring on your finger doesn't mean you have to get married in three months. Maybe it's a year. Maybe it's two years. Just make sure the relationship works the way you want it to."

And just make sure you’re not as accident prone as Ali Fedotowsky or you’ll have to postpone your wedding, too. Yeesh!

Source: People

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