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The Bachelorette

Exclusive Interview With Kasey Kahl: Jake Went on Bachelor Pad to Talk to Vienna? Bullsh*t!

Jake just said in his conference call that Vienna was the reason he went on the show and he wanted closure with her.
Yeah, that’s bulls**t. That’s bullsh**t.

Okay, what did he want then?
That’s bulls**t and you’ll even — as you watch the show progress, you’ll see some things during the show that’ll come out and you’ll get to watch everything unfold, but that’s bulls**t. Jake did not go on the show to come on there and kind of make things right with Vienna. If Jake wanted to make things right, why not pick up the phone? Why not send a text message? Why not call her? Why not send an e-mail? Why not send a Facebook message? There’s so many ways to make contact. “Hey, can I take you out to Starbucks? Hey, can I take you out to lunch? I just want to get some closure.” Closure? What closure. He physically and mentally abused the girl, what do you say? It’s like, come on, now you’re going to go on national TV and try and pretend and put on the Jake facade thing again and pretend that you just went on the show so you could make things right with Vienna? No, I mean, he tried but it’s like everyone else — I don’t know, I can’t talk too much about the actual show itself but hopefully everyone [will see] it and the truth will reveal itself. It’s funny because people — you know, I try to hold myself with the highest integrity, I don’t lie, I don’t cheat, I don’t do things that — you know, in a normal living situation I try to be the best person I can.

Well, one of the things he did say in the conference call is that he tried to contact Vienna several times and she didn’t want anything to do with him. So that was his argument for going on the show, so he could approach her face to face.
Which is crazy. ... I’m friends with a lot of her friends that were friends with Jake. I know people who were personally there when they broke up. She told me that he never called her, never at least one time, didn’t care. She broke up with him over the phone, she had a witness sitting next to her as she was telling him that they’re going to break up. She said “I’m not going to be there when you get home. I’ve packed my stuff. This is it. I’m not going to be treated the way that you treat me anymore.” And she left. He never tried to call her and make things right. Not one time. And if he had, I’m sure she would’ve listened. Vienna’s Vienna. She’s a very strong person. She’s very strong-willed. She’s got a good head on her shoulders. She has a big heart. People don’t understand, she has a really big heart. If people upset her or anything — which you will also see with her and Gia’s relationship on the very first episode — she will listen to someone. If someone has something to say, she will listen, and she will make sure things are made right. I’m not saying that they would’ve gotten back together but she would’ve listened and she would’ve been like “Well, okay, that’s good. I’m glad that you are sorry for what you did. I’m glad that we sorted it out on good terms.” But that’s like my boy Ben F. on The Bachelorette finale, he said all good things have to end bad or they’re not going to end at all. It’s just one of those things where I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff, I don’t know who feeds it into his head, but it’s a bunch of BS and I’ve seen it firsthand.

He also said that if you two had met under different circumstances that you would be friends. Is that something you think could’ve happened?
Potentially, yeah. I love everybody. I’m a nice guy. I mean, I really am. People, I think, all have their own personalities, their own agendas. And whatever his agenda is, obviously, you know, the guy says he doesn’t want to be on TV, he [doesn’t want any] fame, come on, man. You’ve done every show in the possible book. It’s just like it doesn’t make sense to me. You say you don’t want to do the TV thing yet now you continue and continue to do every show after show. … There was one circumstance right before the show. The first time that he called [Vienna], she freaked out. He called her three days before we went to filming … and she freaked out, she turned bright white and she started shaking. I go “What’s wrong with you?” She goes “Jake just called me.” I said “You’re kidding me.” She says “No, this is the first time he’s called me in a year and a half.” I’m like, that is crazy. It’s just, I figured he’s probably trying to call because he wanted to talk to her about the show, maybe strategize about the money or whatever. Yada yada yada. … The point I want to make is, if you really want to make things right, leave a voice-mail, say “Hey, I want to talk to you, I want to make things right, I don’t want to go on a national TV show again. I don’t want to embarrass myself again on national TV so let’s talk like civil adults.” Not “Let’s put a camera in front of us and let’s try this again.” We all saw how it turned out last time — his true colors came out. He was very aggressive and mentally abusive person and if he wants to do that again that’s fine.

I know there’s not a lot that you can say about the show, but some previews have come out, and in them you and Vienna seem to spar over how much you are guarding and protecting her heart — she doesn’t seem to think you’re doing enough. Are we going to see some of that, that she doesn’t think you’re doing enough to protect her?
No, I mean I gave it my all. You don’t understand, like I said Vienna’s Vienna. When she gets upset, or she gets angry, I mean she’s vocal about it, obviously. So it’s not like I’m not doing enough or she’s being mean to me, it’s the fact that she’s just voicing her opinion and it’s being caught on tape. But, I mean, I did my best, I give everything I can. I promise I won’t let anyone down. I can’t sit here and tell you who’s going home or who’s not going to go home, but my number one agenda on that show was to make sure Jake went home before myself and Vienna and you’ll see that, whatever happens, I did my best to make sure that happened.

Chris Harrison said in one of his Bachelor Pad interviews that we see a different side of you and you're actually a strong central figure in the Bachelor Pad house. Is that how you saw yourself while you were there?
I think, yeah. I’m the same person. You don’t get to see everything that happens on TV or what doesn’t happen on TV but I’m good friends with a lot of the people. I put myself out there, I strategize a lot. I do what it takes to protect my girlfriend and protect the people that I care about that I have a core alliance with — which you’ll see. Some people aren’t who they seem to be so I’m assuming once the true colors come out it’s going to be crazy. It really will be very, very dramatic. Very, very fun. I mean, aside from all the triangle drama with Jake, Vienna, and myself, you know, Michael and Holly have their drama, Blake’s got his drama, everyone’s got their drama. But we all have a great time anyway. I mean we have so much fun in that house! We built some great strong friendships. It was great. Like Chris Harrison said — I thought that was a really big compliment from him. Chris is a great dude and I really appreciate him saying stuff like that. I think I made a lot of decisions, I strategized very well and put together a very good game plan and stuck with it.

Credit: Greg Zabilski/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

Who surprised you in the house, for better or worse?
You know, Michelle Money, she’s like a sister right now. Me and her are very, very close. I think she is the only person in the entire house that had my back 100 percent completely. … It never crossed her mind to even think of going against myself or Vienna and we got very close because of that. So I was very, very appreciative of Michelle. I met her one time before at the Women Tell All of her season and hung out with her once or twice but now we’re going to be close for a very long time.

Is there anyone, besides Jake, who kind of got under your skin?
No, I became friends with pretty much everyone. … But, you know, Rated R [Justin Rego] was kind of a douche. But he is what he is. He loves to be the villain. He puts on this fake villain act just so that he can be known as the villain. Aside from anything, he would never say anything to my face. He would go behind my back and say things in ITMs [in the moment interviews] on cameras or whatever and he would never actually say stuff to my face. I wish one day he would say something to my face. I think it’d be funny. We’ll see who gets stranded this time.

If you weren’t with Vienna, which girl from the Pad would you have tried to hook up with?
Let’s see. You know there wasn’t really anyone that really kind of struck my fancy. I wouldn’t want to partner up with anyone else because I would have to just kind of play my own game and play it with friends ‘cause none of the girls were like — they’re all friends of mine, so I can’t really say “Oh I’d hook up with one of them,” you know what I mean?

What about Erica Rose? Don’t you guys have a history a little bit, no?
Oh, Erica’s my girl! She’s awesome. I really like Erica, we’ve gotten really close. She’s close. She’s not as ditzy as everyone [thinks] she is. She’s really smart. She has her own persona, if you will. But Erica’s awesome. Yeah, we had some fun together, you know, whatever, but she’s a really good friend of mine.

Some Bachelor and Bachelorette fans think Bachelor Pad is too trashy and they don’t want to watch. How would you convince any skeptics to give Season 2 a chance?
Well, people might say that Bachelor Pad is trashy but Vienna and I have been in a committed relationship so we figured, you know what, no matter what happens we’re in a committed relationship. And then with anyone else — you’re stuck in a house, 10 guys, 10 girls, whatever it is, you have some cocktails, you’re in the sun, you’re having some fun, and [emotions] are going to get released. What people don’t understand is, the same stuff probably happened on The Bachelor or Bachelorette. Twenty-five girls and one guy? Emotions are going to be strong, but it’s not like it’s trashy. It’s just life. I don’t think it’s a trashy show at all. It’s people competing and doing what they have to do to win $250,000.

Last season — I’m not sure if you have the same thing this season — but they had the questionnaires like “Who has the worst boob job?” and they seemed to really hurt people.
Yeah, I’m sure there’s going to be some things on this season that some people get really hurt, and they get their feelings hurt and their emotions are really high. But I think people [should] just take it that it’s just a show. People in the house, they all love each other — I wouldn’t say everyone — but everyone’s really close and everyone’s good friends. There’s going to be drama, especially with that kind of atmosphere, but having the best or worst boobs ... I mean, it’s just a joke, it’s just a game and people are just being told what they have to do. They have to make a decision and they have to make a pick on someone, it’s for $250,000 … people can’t take it personally.

If you ended up winning the $250K, what would you do with the money?
If I won the money, there’s a couple different things. I have non-profit for children which is called Guard and Protect Hearts Inc. I would put a portion into that. And I also, my grandma, she’s been struggling with my grandpa. My grandpa has Alzheimer’s and it’s been really hard for me because I have to go over there … and help her because she also just had back surgery so she’s really, really having a hard time and she can’t afford to live in a home so she’s been going from Medicaid and all this insurance stuff and she can’t get into a home. … I’m doing all this stuff for her, as much as I can, but I would like to be able to put my grandpa in a good, good, good place. It’s really tough for me because I love my grandma, she’s like my guardian angel. I hate to see her hurt like that.

That’s so sweet! Back to you and Vienna: Are you guys moving in together, or have you already done so?
Yeah, that [seems like] the next step in our relationship. … We’re just doing our thing. We’re both in love with each other. We’re taking everything one step at a time. And Bachelor Pad made us stronger as a couple. We’re super happy together. … I mean, I literally had to sleep in the same room as her ex-fiance, who did some horrible things to her. That’s tough. That’s really tough. It was not easy. We got through that and that’s the most important thing is that we got through everything and no matter what happens, no matter what end result comes out, we are a stronger couple because of it.

That’s good. So you’re happy overall with how things turned out, no matter what?
Yeah, no matter what. We’re a very happy couple and we love each other. I would do anything for that girl and I know that she’d do anything for me.

Vienna was very open recently about fixing her nose to make herself happy. What were your thoughts on that?
She did it for her. There were things that she just didn’t like about herself. I thought she was an absolutely beautiful girl. Personally I don’t think she needed one. But she went in there because she wanted to show people that it’s okay. If you want to do something for yourself, not for anyone else but do it for yourself, then do it. And I support her with that. I support her 100 percent. … I think she’s beautiful either way. She looks great now, she looked great then. I see her in a whole different way. I get to see her in a whole different light than anyone else gets to see her. I think she’s gorgeous no matter what.

On a shallow note, your abs are looking really good in those Bachelor Pad shots.
Well, thank you very much!

What are you doing to keep in shape and how was it in the house, ‘cause you guys — I don’t know what you do, but do you do things to keep in shape or what?
No, we didn’t. I mean, there’s some things there to keep in shape, but I worked really hard. I really worked hard to get my abs in good shape. I was like, hey, maybe one of the contests will be an ab-off with Jake and I could kick his ass that way too! That was motivation. I worked hard for them and I’m going to keep them. No, I’m in really good shape. As far as on the show, we ran up and down the hill. We couldn’t leave the house, but we did a couple things to try and stay in shape. Even some of the competitions, which you’ll get to see, they keep us in pretty good shape with that.

You mentioned Ben F.’s name earlier. Do you think he should be the Bachelor?
Oh, hell yeah! Ben F.’s the man. I think, the first thing is they’ve got to be real, be real all the time. I was really stoked to see his real genuine emotions after Ashley [Hebert] did that — you know, didn’t accept his proposal. It was just so raw, just genuine. People that know me know that I’m a very genuine person and a big-hearted person. So my heart went out to him. I felt like he was really hurting, like that really sucked. I think he deserves a woman that’s just perfect for him. Someone that’s going to let him get down on his knee again and let him be vulnerable with her and I think that he can find that with the show. Because he allowed himself to open up one time and he obviously believes in the system and if he believes in the system then it’s meant to be. … And I think all the other stuff that comes with it, like the tabloids, I think he’s ready for it more than anyone else.

What’s next for you? What are you doing until the finale and afterward?
I mean we’ll see what happens. Vienna and I have some plans. We’re going to have some fun, we’re going to travel a little bit, continue to work and run my marketing and advertising company, and work with the non-profit and work with the kids and do everything I can. And just have fun with this. Last season [on The Bachelorette Season 6] it was kind of crazy, it was a tough pill to swallow having to sit back and watch everything. I think this season’s going to be a lot different. I think it’s going to show me in a whole different light. It’s going to show me with the good character and good heart that I have, and big heart that I have. And I think it’s going to be fun. I think there’s going to be a lot of things, open a lot of doors to do other charity things and help out as many kids as I can.

Anything else from the show that you want to get out there?
It was definitely an interesting situation. If it wasn’t for how special and unique Vienna’s and my relationship is, it would’ve been a nightmare without her … But fortunately we got to go on the show together and we gave it our all. And at the end of the day we’re proud to say that we did everything we could. It’s going to be exciting. It’s going to be one helluva show. I’m telling you, it’s going to be probably the most watched show in the franchise history. I mean, with all the hype and with Vienna and Jake and myself and the drama with Michael [Stagliano] and Holly [Durst]. This is the most deserving show to be watched. It's going to be entertaining. People in love with drama? It's gonna go down.

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It’s hard out there for a guard and protector. Kasey Kahl said he had one main goal on Bachelor Pad Season 2 — make sure Jake Pavelka was sent home before himself and his special lady friend, Jake’s ex-fiancee, Vienna Girardi.

The Jake/Vienna/Kasey Bermuda triangle is going to play out in major force, starting this Monday on the three-hour BP2 premiere. Wetpaint Entertainment talked to Kasey about all of that, plus the one other person in the house he wasn’t too fond of (hint: he’s a former entertainment wrestler); the one person who surprised him the most (hint: $$); and the weird dynamic between Vienna and her ex-Bachelor BFF Gia Allemand, who now seems to be on Team Jake.

There’s $250K up for grabs, but Kasey said he wasn’t on the show for the money as much as the protecting of Vienna against her ex, whom he does not compliment. But if Kasey does win the cash, he says part of it would go to his charity Guard and Protect Hearts Inc. and part to helping his grandparents. But it’s likely a good chunk would go to The Vienna Fund as well.

In his own media interview earlier the same day, Jake called Bachelor Pad a really tough experience and said he only went on the show to talk to Vienna and get some closure from their ugly televised breakup last summer. Kasey doesn’t buy the second part, but he agrees that the Pad was a tough place to be, adding “it would’ve been a nightmare” without Vienna with him.

(After the Wetpaint talk, Kasey texted an additional note in which he referenced Jake’s interview: “In regards to Jake saying backstabbing … He does his fair share of backstabbing. Even to gia. .. So...Just saying. Don’t let him fool u guys.”)

Having said that, the Bachelor Padawans had a lot of fun times in the house, too, and Kasey thinks viewers will not be disappointed in the dramalicious end product.

“It’s going to be exciting,” Kasey tells Wetpaint. “It’s going to be one helluva show. I’m telling you, it’s going to be probably the most watched show in the franchise history. I mean, with all the hype and with Vienna and Jake and myself and the drama with Michael [Stagliano] and Holly [Durst]. This is the most deserving show to be watched. It's going to be entertaining. People in love with drama? It's gonna go down.”

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It seems pretty clear that Gia and Vienna don’t like each other anymore, even though they were good friends on The Bachelor. What really happened? Is it really because of the Wes Hayden thing?
I kind of try to stay out of that whole situation. That was their whole tiff. I used to be really good friends with Gia, used to be really close with Gia. And then obviously Vienna’s my girlfriend, she has my best interests. But I think what really went down is, Gia and Vienna had a misunderstanding and… they just kind of got into it and one thing escalated to another and they ended up getting into a little tiff on Twitter — which I thought was not the best way to go about fixing their problems, especially when it’s open to the public. I didn’t think that was the most mature way of going about it, but on the show it’s going to be very interesting, their relationship. It’s an interesting dynamic because now Jake kind of has Gia along [on his side] but you’ll see some interesting things happen between Jake and Gia as well. So people’s true colors are really going to come out.

Before you got involved with Vienna, had you seen her on The Bachelor with Jake and their breakup special and all of that?
It’s funny, I was actually hoping she would be my Bachelorette. I really was hoping that she would be my Bachelorette and then I found out it was going to be Ali [Fedotowsky]. … So I got to go compete for Ali and then Vienna — we met at a blood drive. And it’s just funny, when I first met her I was like, I got really nervous I’m like “That’s the girl I was kind of hoping for.” I sort of became starstruck. You know, that’s Vienna! That’s someone that I think is super-hot and I think she’s great. Then I kind of got to talk with her and get to know her a little bit. Our relationship, we have a very unique and special relationship. After [the Bachelor reunion in] New York we didn’t spend a day apart and we’ve been together every since. It’s just kind of one of those things, it’s crazy. It’s a different dynamic because we just click. We have very strong personalities and most people think that you always cross hairs, but we don’t cross hairs. It’s funny we’ll argue and we’ll laugh about it. … We have a really special and unique relationship and I love her more than anything. It’s great.

What were your feelings about Jake before the show, maybe even before you met Vienna? Had you already formed an opinion?
Before the show, before I got to really get to know him or meet him I just thought, he seems like he’s one of those people that, like, you feed him this and he’ll spit right back out exactly how you put it in. He’s very monotonous, very robotic. I didn’t really know if he was a good or bad person. I really had no judgments or formed an opinion about him. I didn’t know the guy, I just watched him on TV and wasn’t paying too much attention because I was vying for one of the girls that he didn’t choose.

When did you and Vienna decide to do Bachelor Pad and what made you want to do that?
I had been approached a long time ago, even last year, and it was one of those things where I’m like “Yeah, I’m in.” I would love to find a chance at $250,000 and possibly love — and this was before Vienna. Then me and Vienna got together, six or seven months ago, and it came up to the both of us and we were like why not give it a shot? I’ll be there to protect her if she needs me. I’ll be there to help make sure that nothing happens. Because she was terrified. She was terrified that ABC was going to put her in the same house again with Jake, which obviously makes great TV which is also fun, it’s entertaining. So we knew that that was going to happen. And then I just made sure that she felt comforted and felt safe and we’re like “Hey it could be a great financial start to our future together. Let’s give it a shot. Let’s see what we can do.” … When it comes to games like that I’m pretty good. My number one thing is, all I care about when I get on that show and Jake walks through those doors — Jake’s gotta go home. That’s my main goal if he ends up showing up in that house is get Jake off. Make sure he’s going home.

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