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So You Think You Can Dance

Melanie LaPatin Say Sasha Mallory and Melanie Moore Outdanced Everybody

She’s choreographed, assisted, and even performed (flashback to Season 3 in a Cha Cha routine with Pasha) for So You Think You Can Dance, and while we haven’t seen much of her on the series this season, Melanie LaPatin, aka Lady Cha-Cha, still has lots to say about the show. Here’s a bit on her favorite dances from last night and “the rest.”

Who were the ballroom diva’s favorites? Contemporary dancer Sasha Mallory was the biggest standout for her last night.

“I’m almost out of adjectives to describe how beautiful a dancer she is. But it occurred to me while watching her in this number that what she is, is a continuous painting, a moving work of art,” LaPatin blogged.

LaPatin has also been a fan of Melanie Moore, and not just because they share the same first name. She feels Melanie has been a “beast” from week one, and overshadowed partner Tadd Gadduang in last night’s Spencer Liff Broadway routine. “She’s so reliably incredible that it’s like she’s from another planet ... it's hard to watch anyone BUT her.”

Another hit for LaPatin was Marko Germar and Caitlynn Lawson’s Sonya Tayeh jazz routine. “[Marko is] always a fearless dancer, at times breathtakingly so. So it wasn’t any big shock that his performance here was exceptional. What WAS a shock, however, was Caitlynn. To me, it’s a surprise that she’s still on the show, but in this number, I saw WHY she’s still there ... she finally, really, truly rose to the occasion and danced with the fearlessness of an all-star.”

As for the rest …

LaPatin felt slightly underwhelmed by several of the other dances. She expressed her concern that some of the contestants were out-danced by their All-Star partners, including Tadd in his Sonya Tayeh contemporary routine with All-Star Ellenore Scott.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. He got outdanced.” She also wasn’t the biggest fan of Ricky Jamie in his waaking number, siting that he "looked a little stiff.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly