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Jersey Shore

Steal Their Style! Our Favorite Trends From the Jersey Shore Cast’s Stint in Italy

Italy is known as one of the great fashion capitals of the world. The guidos and guidettes of Jersey Shore are also know for their fashion — if we can call it that — though not everyone would consider their style "great." While it takes a special sort of fashionista to pull off the full Seaside look, there were actually a few trends the macaroni rascals rocked while filming Season 4 in Florence that we can get behind. Maybe being in the birthplace of Guccio Gucci inspired them to improve their fashion game!

Here are the top three fashion themes from Jersey Shore in Italy:

Big Sun Hats

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Hats are an essential part of summer fashion, and in Italy the girls of the shore were all about over-sized sunhats. This look is feminine, fashionable, and probably the most practical trend the guidettes have ever embraced: Nothing keeps the blaring sun off your face like a large hat. It's almost like the girls finally realized that there is such a thing as too much tanning.

The guidettes' individual takes on this trend prove just how flexible the style can be. Sunhats come in a variety of colors — from the overwhelmingly girly pink and white look Sammi and Deena sport here, to the sleeker black Snooki chose — and brims can vary from super-stiff to floppy enough to impair your vision (and maybe even crash a car, as Snooki did). Personally, we're particularly partial to JWOWW's hat: The black around the brim lends an edgy flair to an otherwise classic straw look.

Want to steal the style? You can imitate JWOWW's look at True Religion, Deena and Sammi's at Forever 21, and Snooki's at Urban Outfitters.

Furry Boots

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Who says boots are just for winter? Certainly not Snooki, who brought her favorite fuzzy monstrosities with her to the Motherland. Italy may not be grateful for this innovative summer style — rumor has it that the boots were the cause of Snooki's run-in with a gypsy — but the little meatball makes us smile with her insistence on clinging to her mukluks regardless of the heat. Plus, there is something delightfully flippant about pairing masses of faux fur on your feet with itty bitty shorts and skirts. It's not high fashion, but it's so weird it might as well be.

If you're brave enough to try Snooki's style for yourself, you can grab a pair of Mukluks at Endless.

Graphic T-Shirts

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There was one trend every guido agreed on this summer: Bright t-shirts with big graphics. Like a grown-up version of those Hot Topic shirts with snarky comments, these tees make a statement while remaining beach appropriate — an essential feature of every Jersey outfit, even when cruising the cobblestone streets of Florence. We don't advise non-guidos to trade in all of their button-ups and polo shirts, but everyone can do with a fun tee or two for those sunny trips to the boardwalk.

The best thing about this trend is that there's something for everyone. From the ironic (like Sitch's anti-smoking shirt), to the visually striking (like Vinny's complicated graphic), it’s easy to personalize this style to your liking. Online stores like make it simple to find the perfect fit without leaving the comfort of your computer chair.

If you want to snag one of the the Jersey boys' exact looks, you can find Sitch's shirt at It’s T-Shirt Time, Pauly D's at Just Neon Tees, and Vinny's at Lipmo Threads.