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True Blood

5 Hottest Eric Moments From “I Wish I Was The Moon!”

All the men on True Blood are sex on a stick (as Lafayette would say), but they don’t hold a candle to Amnesiac Eric. We’ve rounded up this vamp’s 5 hottest moments from True Blood Season 4, Episode 6, “I Wish I Was The Moon” for your fang banging pleasure. Oh, and you might not want to read this list at work — unless swoon-induced fainting spells are a normal occurrence in your office.

1. Eric and Sookie consummate it! If you thought Eric and Sookie fang banged in “I Wish I Was The Moon,” you’d be wrong. They were too busy “making love.” It was beautiful, romantic and about a thousand degrees of hot. In an effort not to be too NSFW, we’ll break this thing down into a few choice words: Eric. Naked. Thrusting. Viking. Boobs. Get the idea?

2. Eric embraces the Tru Death like a man! This is the second time in True Blood history that Eric has laughed in the face of death. First, he day-walked like it was NBD to save Sookie from Russell Edgington, and during “I Wish I Was The Moon, he practically took the stake out of Bill’s hand and drove it into his own heart. If Bill was in Eric’s position, he’d be crying all over his linen blouse and begging for mercy.

3. Eric grabs Sookie’s fairy tail! Eric’s a man who knows what he wants, and he has no problem reaching for it, grabbing it and presumably sinking his fangs into it. Basically, he’s a modern day Sir-Mix-Alot. He likes big butts and he cannot lie.

4. Eric and Bill go fang-to-fang! It was only a matter of time before Eric and Bill had the brosef battle that we’ve all been waiting for, and as we expected, Eric completely and totally bested his monarch. Maybe if Bill got himself some of those platform man-shoes (Tom Cruise-style) he’d be the same height as Eric and have a better chance of landing a punch. Better luck next time, Willy!

5. Eric is Daddy of The Year! In between kicking king ass, making out with fairies and living up to his title of Sexiest Vamp of The Year, Eric found time to work on his parenting skills. It was so sweet of him to think of Pam and her safety in his last moments of life. Is it weird that we wish he was our dad?

08.6.2011 / 12:30 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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