Scotty McCreery Wants Nice Hometown Girl
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American Idol

Scotty McCreery Wants Nice Hometown Girl

Fathers everywhere better lock them doors because Scotty McCreery is single! The American Idol cutie dished to Parade about his current relationship status. Although Scotty is still unattached, he admits that he's too busy to think about dating. But what if the Southern teen finds himself with enough time for dinner and a movie? Scotty says he's just looking for a down-to-earth gal who likes him for who he is. Here's your chance ladies!

Read on for what Scotty is looking for a girlfriend and how he plans on staying humble now that he's a bonafide country star.

On dating:
“Dating has kind of been on the backburner for me. I haven't really had time to think about that with this whole tour thing. But it's definitely going to be tough and I've told many people that I'm not looking to go out there and find the most beautiful girl in the world who likes me because I'm Mr. American Idol Scott McCreery. If I could just find a nice hometown girl who just likes me for who I am, that's all I want.”

On the best piece of advice he's gotten:
“Don't change, stay in your lane. Be who you are and don't let Nashville or Hollywood get to your head. Stay grounded, stay me. The minute I get a big head and start acting like the big man on campus, it's all downhill from there.”

On staying grounded despite the Idol fame:

“I was raised that way. I'm out here with mama, too, so the minute I start acting like a big guy, she'll be there to keep me grounded and stay in my shoes. For me, it's just humbling to be here and I keep going to the fact that I was bagging groceries not too long ago. This is definitely a big leap for me and I'm going to make the most of it.”

On the prank-filled Idol tour buses:
“It's definitely fun. We're all guys so we have the same sense of humor. The pranks are coming into full force and we're making music out there, writing songs. We watch movies. We're having a good time on the bus.”

On his dream duet partner:
“Maybe someone classic like Loretta Lynne. That would be really fun. I was watching some of her videos on YouTube from the Grand Ole Opry yesterday before the show. She's definitely a legend.”

Source: Parade

08.6.2011 / 04:04 AM EDT by Angeline Candido
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