New Details on Benjamin Bratt’s Character in Private Practice
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New Details on Benjamin Bratt’s Character in Private Practice

When Addison Forbes Montgomery (Kate Walsh) made out with a mystery man played by hottie Benjamin Bratt in the last season of Private Practice, they made a pact to disclose as little about each other as possible. But now Wetpaint Entertainment has found out that the two characters may actually be unknowingly aware of each other’s professional accomplishments.

Bratt joins the cast in their fifth season as Dr. Jake Reilly – an in vitro fertilization specialist, which could come in handy as Addison still is struggling with her decision to have a baby with or without the help of Sam Bennett (Taye Diggs).

“We learn a little bit more about him in the season opener,” Bratt told us at the ABC All Star Party. “We learn his profession. He’s an IVF specialist, coincidentally. So not only is there this underlying natural physical attraction that they have for one another, but he is a specialist in something that may be of a specific interest to her. She is a woman dying to get pregnant and with a man who’s not interested in getting her pregnant, and she’s met someone that she’s attracted to, who can very much – in different ways – get her pregnant. You can imagine the complications.”

But wouldn’t two highly respected professionals in the field of gynecology be aware of each other’s work? One would think they’ve both published a paper or two. “She certainly is aware of his reputation, but when she met this mystery man, she had no idea that he was in fact that Jake
Reilly,” Bratt says.

For the actor, returning to TV is a great way to work consistently, and still come home to wife Talisa Soto and his kids for dinner. “I love doing television,” he tells us. “I did a show on A&E called The Cleaner. It was a show that I was in every frame of, which is a different kind of responsibility. So after two years of waiting for the right thing to come along, and not wanting to play the pilot gamble game, I met with Shonda (Rhimes). And it must have gone well because two weeks later I got a call saying, ‘I have an idea. How about joining Private Practice?’ It was an easy yes.”

08.8.2011 / 09:21 PM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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