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True Blood

Denis O’Hare Teases Russell Edgington’s Return

Denis O’Hare (Russell) says disgraced vampire king Russell Edgington may be down, but don’t count him out — we could well see him again.

“The trick is — and these guys are better at it than I am — but the trick is to reinvent [Russell], because he can’t come back and be the same guy,” Denis told Access Hollywood. “He’s gotta come back transformed in some way and in a surprising way and I look forward to whatever they’re choosing to do with him.”

Surely they’ll choose to bring him back to kick some Sookie-and-Eric butt, right? Not necessarily. “The thing I love about him is his dreams aren’t petty. He’s never motivated by anything petty, so I can’t imagine if he came back he’d be motivated by simple revenge,” Denis said. “I think he’s always out for something bigger. “

What’s bigger than attacking Sookie? Every man in a fifty-mile radius will turn up to protect her and her tasty, tasty blood.

Source: Access Hollywood

08.9.2011 / 02:29 AM EDT by Melinda Taub
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