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So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance Celebrity Guest Judges: Our Turn to Judge!

It's no secret that we weren't exactly thrilled with the rotating guest-judge situation on Season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance. (Please come back, Adam Shankman!)

Still, to be fair, not all of the judges were a complete waste of time. We can only hope finale judges Katie Holmes and Kenny Ortega fall into the latter category. Anyway, here are our rankings of the guest judges this season, from best to worst ...

Why: The TV/movie/Broadway star was funny, articulate, and actually provided useful feedback to the contestants.

Best Quote (to Sasha Mallory): "There have been girls in this competition who can développé and pitch to the side and do 20 pirouettes and land perfectly … and I don't care. You put your finger against a wall and you break my heart."

Second Best: Neil Patrick Harris

Credit: Adam Rose/Fox    

Why: Neil wasn't afraid to speak his mind honestly and, even better, he actually talked about the performances in detail.

Best Quote (to Marko Germar): "That was so dirty ... what a dirty way to start the show ... a 2-hour show and she does that scissor kick around your face ... I would have kissed her, too, at the end of it."

Damn Awesome: Lady Gaga

Credit: Adam Rose/Fox    

Why: Not only did Gaga share her heartfelt reactions to the performances, she also threw her amazeballs shoes around. Good times.

Best Quote (to Sasha Mallory and Melanie Moore): "I don't know what sex you are, I don't know what race you are, I don't know where you're from, how much money you have, where you came from ... All I know is that was the future and that's all that matters ... You were born this way, you are absolutely incredible!"

Why: Rob was knowledgeable, fair, and genuine. Really, it's a shame they had him on the same night as Gaga.

Best Quote (to Melanie Moore): "That's really hard to do ... To throw away the technique and just play the scene is what you did, and that was amazing."

Still Pretty Good: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Credit: Adam Rose/Fox    

Why: After a string of subpar judges, the Modern Family actor was a refreshing change, for sure. Maybe he was a bit too focused on the fashion, but at least he was humorous and tried to give some critiques.

Best Quote: "Clarice, do you have a boyfriend? I do too, but I think we should get married."

Pretty, But Somewhat Useless: Kristin Chenoweth

Credit: Adam Rose/Fox    

Why: After growing to love her as the snarky April Rhodes on Glee, we were expecting a lot more from the Broadway star.

Best Quote (to Alexander Fost): "Your extensions ... and I don't mean the ones on my head ... I mean the ones on your leg ..."

Why: Yes, she used to be a ballet dancer once upon a time, and who doesn't adore Karen from Will and Grace, but wow, Megan pretty much loved every single routine. Boring.

Best Quote (points for honesty): "I'm not an expert, they are, but that was amazing!"

So Sweet, But Super Disappointing: Debbie Reynolds

Credit: Adam Rose/Fox    

Why: What an honor for SYTYCD to score a true legend on their judges' panel ... too bad Ms. Reynolds was way too lenient on every dancer (even trying to take some home with her) and, frankly, she seemed a bit tipsy.

Best Quote (to Miranda Maleski and Robert Taylor, Jr.): "What were they supposed to be, a woodpecker? Heh-he-heh-he-heh... heh-he-heh-he-heh...!"

Why: Do we really need to list our reasons here? Did you see the episode? Worst judge ever in the history of any show that's included judges.

Best Quote: "I don't know ... I don't know much about ... the waltz, but I know what I feel, and I know what you project, and it's so beautiful ... your dancing is so beautiful ... and your extension and everything, so ... yeah. I liked it."

Who was your favorite celebrity guest judge this season on So You Think You Can Dance? Tell us on our SYTYCD Facebook page!