Katie Holmes Dances With Herself on National Television
Credit: Theo Wargo/ Getty Images    
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Katie Holmes Dances With Herself on National Television

Dawson's Creek star-turned-housewife Katie Holmes appeared on Late Night last night, and she demonstrated her particular method of dancing in a car. It looks a bit like a seated jig, or something. [AolTV]

Remember Bewitched? The beloved '60s sitcom that was turned into a horrible movie starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell may well be a sitcom again. CBS has ordered a reboot script. [AolTV]

Twitter enthusiast and 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin is considering a run for New York mayor. What will his platform be? [NY Times]

Alleged sane person Charlie Sheen has changed his mind and given Ashton Kutcher his blessing, saying that Kutcher will "kill it" in his new role on Two and a Half Men. High praise, but no one ever wants to hear the word "kill" from Charlie Sheen, no matter what the context. [The Wrap]

OMG! Current "It Girl" Emma Stone and former House star Olivia Wilde have joined forces to overthrow corporate America. Oh, wait. What? Nevermind. They're the new faces of makeup company Revlon. [People]